BitCake at the Game Developers Conference 2018

“We always heard stories about GDC from other devs. Everyone says it’s like a magical place and there is no other event like it, but we didn’t know if that was true or not. So we went without many expectations, just like any other event, but…. it is that amazing! The spirit of the conference is super uplifting, and in every meeting we had everyone was actually looking to get business done or at least help each other. Almost like everyone was bound by this “game dev” spirit by being at GDC. Now we definitely want to go again next year.” Milla Slotfeldt, BitCake’s CEO.

In March 2018, we went to our first GDC (Game Developers Conference)! Being in one of the most important events for game developers, and next to other Brazilian studios, was a milestone for us. It was the first GDC where Indie companies had an exclusive space, called GDC Play, where we were able to present a demo of our first VR game called “DeMagnete.” It was the first time we introduced the new game, and the acceptance was incredible!

“At first, I was very nervous about the fact that I’d be around so many people whose work inspire me. But to my surprise, every single dev that I met there was very welcoming. It was a super positive experience. We gathered invaluable feedback when showcasing our game and also got to make some friends in the process.” Matheus Lessa, Cofounder/programmer of BitCake

In addition to the event, we had the pleasure of meeting Discord’s “General Headquarters” which is super cool! We use Discord every day, be it to play or to work together, and being invited to be there was one of the highlights of the trip.

After all the rush of the event, the LatAm Devs set a barbecue, one that only Latinos know how to do, with full roast pork, which was very tasty, but without Brazilian music.

In short: We met many studios, closed deals and met old friends. 
The event was a success!

P.S.: We even won a prize! Thanks @jantonsson and @rawfury