Neko Neko and the 48h Game Jam!

BitCake grew very fast, and we decided to make our first game jam to get the team even closer!

Maybe not that close :P

In 48 hours, two groups of artists and programmers, plus our sound designer who worked on both projects, would create a playable MVP.

One of the ideas that have been developed is the Neko Neko Rampage. In short: A game of cats being cats, destroying everything they see ahead.

Grumpy cat wins!

The initial idea was of an open arena, but it became a house with four environments: Kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. The whole scenario was modeled in 3D, just like the cats. It was necessary to separate one person only for the objects and another for the kittens.

Basically, EVERYTHING on the stage can be destroyed! Some items are harder to knock over, like the refrigerator, but we put together four players, and we managed to knock the fridge down before time runs out!

A colorful house, owned by an old cat person, probably

As cats are one of the reasons the internet exists, we’ve created several different skins inspired by memes, animes and pop culture. We’ll have to change many of them to launch the game, but copyright is not a problem for a Game Jam, right?

“It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”

Besides the characters, other elements that start laughing are the pictures on the wall. Famous paintings have been adapted to the world of Neko Neko, and it is impossible not to have fun looking at them.

I want all of them and I’m not a cat person!

The result was a fun game with beautiful graphics, and the team thrilled to release the final version soon!

P.S.: Since we have three games in development, we have not yet set a date to release Neko Neko Rampage.

While you wait for Neko Neko Rampage, you can play Holodrive for free, on Steam! Click on the GIF to install :)

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