BitCar Ropsten Launch Guide Part 1 — Testnet and Faucets

BitCar now live on the Ropsten Testnet

Welcome to the first of our Ropsten Testnet launch guides for BitCar.

This has been a fantastic journey for us all in the BitCar team, from the early days of conceptual design and initial proof of concept back in 2015, to the fantastic platform which we are able to present to you today (18 April 2019).

This guide starts with the basics and some background into the test network for Ethereum, before providing details of how to get your test Ethereum and test BitCar tokens. This article assumes basic knowledge and prior exposure to terms such as ‘Ethereum’, ‘Blockchain’, ‘Mining’ and ‘MetaMask’ but this article is all about getting started, so we try not to get too technical — remember if you need help, come and speak to us by joining the BitCar Testnet Telegram group.

You will need thee following to use the BitCar platform, each of which we discuss in this article:-

  • MetaMask
  • Test Ethereum
  • Test BitCar

If you are an advanced user, feel free to go straight to the ‘Preparation’ or ‘BitCar/Ethereum’ faucet steps if you like.

Before starting this article, please ensure you have MetaMask installed in your browser…

Table of Contents

How to get Metamask

Go to the Metamask website and select your browser (for example click the Chrome link if you use the Chrome browser), to get started please refer to the MetaMask ‘How to’ video.

MetaMask How-To Video (as of 18/04/2019)

Ethereum Testnet and Faucets

We know you are all as excited as we are, so lets get started with the basics…

What is a Testnet / Ropsten?

There are several “Testnets” available for the Ethereum network, all of which simulate the real “Mainnet” Ethereum network and EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine — where the smart contract code runs). This simulation is important, as it provides a realistic environment “in the wild” (i.e. outside of our development environment) where we can properly test how the platform works.

BitCar have chosen Ropsten as the testnet for our first-phase public release as it most closely resembles mainnet, through the use of Proof of Work and provides access to Ethereum through a faucet.

What is a Faucet?

Its a tap right? — Yes exactly!
Within the context of the Ethereum testnet, a faucet is a controlled tap of tokens (in this case Ethereum — the base “currency” of the network) and can be used to get “free” funds to use within Ropsten. You will need some Ethereum to perform any action on the BitCar platform (such as registering as a user or buying a fraction of a car) — the good news on Ropsten this is free!

Preparing for the BitCar Test Platform

Before getting some test Ethereum and BitCar, here are some suggested steps to follow…

  1. Ensure you have installed the MetaMask extension for your browser (see details at start of this article)
  2. Select an account you want to use for test purposes (we recommend creating two accounts purely for use on BitCar for the Ropsten network, so as to never get confused with accounts holding real tokens)

2a. Open MetaMask by clicking on the MetaMask Icon in your browser (circled in red below)
2b. Next click on the Metamask account image (circled in blue below)

Open Metamask (red), select account image (blue)

2c. On the menu that appears select ‘Create Account’
2d. Enter an account name ‘Ropsten - BitCarTest1’
2e. Click ‘Create’ (as highlighted below)
2f. Repeat steps 2b-2e, changing the name to ‘Ropsten — BitCarTest2’

Create MetaMask Account

1. Get Ethereum from a Ropsten Ethereum Faucet

With BitCar running on a testnet, you will need to get some test Ethereum into your wallet, this part of the guide will go through how to obtain your free Ethereum.

Here is a short guide on how to get some Ethereum into your wallets on the Ropsten network…

  1. Open MetaMask by clicking on the MetaMask Icon in your browser
  2. The top-centre of the MetaMask window shows which Ethereum network you are currently connected to, if this doesn’t say ‘Ropsten Network’ then please click on the ‘network selector’ (highlighted below) and select the ‘Ropsten Network’
Network selector (highlighted in yellow), ensure ‘Ropsten Network’ is selected

3. Select one of the wallets you created to use on the BitCar test platform by clicking on the Account Icon and then selecting the account you want to use.

4. There are several faucets that can be used, we are opting for the MetaMask faucet located at: go there in the browser

5. Once the page is loaded, you should see something similar to the image below

6. Click on ‘request 1 ether from faucet’ and you may get a ‘Connect’ message prompt from MetaMask — if so, click ‘Connect’

7. Once you have clicked on this, you will see a transaction number appear on the web page; after several seconds your account balance in MetaMask and on the website will increase by 1 Ether — you should be able to get ~5 Ether per wallet, per day

2. Get BitCar from the Ropsten BitCar Faucet

Now the exciting part — getting actual test BitCar into your wallet!

This step assumes you have already obtained some free Ethereum (see step 1 above).

The BitCar faucet is located at so navigate there in the browser that has MetaMask installed.

  1. When you first browse to the faucet you should get a ‘Connect’ message prompt from MetaMask — if so, click ‘Connect’

2. Ensure you are connected to the ‘Ropsten Network’ in MetaMask (see step 1.2 in this article for help)

3. Once you have connected MetaMask and are on the Ropsten Network you will see a ‘Claim’ button

4. Clicking on ‘Claim’ will send a new transaction, which will require some Ethereum (a small amount of ‘gas’) to process. MetaMask will show a pop-up asking for you to confirm this; click on ‘Confirm’

5. Once the transaction is processed (this may take a while) you will receive 10,000 BitCar into your wallet (although you won’t be able to see it in MetaMask yet) — this can be repeated once per wallet, per hour

6. You are ready to start using the BitCar Platform!

To see your BitCar balance in MetaMask please read through our next article, which will cover how to use the platform.

Please give us feedback via our Ropsten support Telegram group, leave comments below and make sure you join our main BitCar Telegram Community Group.