BitCar Team at Cryptocurrencies Corporate Lunch — Hosted by Telethon Speech & Hearing

Gov van Ek — Speaking at Telethon Speech & Hearing Lunch introducing BitCar

Friday 10th November 2017 — Royal Perth Golf Club

Guest speakers at the Cryptocurrencies Corporate Lunch shared their extensive knowledge and experience on the evolving influence of cryptocurrencies on the financial landscape, and discussed how it will impact traditional forms of business across all industries.

These technologies are already proving to be a huge disruptor across a multitude of sectors. Presented by Telethon Speech & Hearing (TSH), a centre of excellence for assisting children and adults with hearing, speech and language impairments. The not-for-profit runs a number of fundraising events and brought together industry experts in blockchain for this event, including a Live Auction.

The line-up of Guest speakers including Jack Quigley, Fintech Australia; Leigh Travers, CEO DigitalX; Gov van Ek, Co-Founder Power Ledger & BitCar; and Ian Love, CEO Blockchain Assets.

Gov van Ek discussed his origins in Blockchain with Ledger Assets and now BitCar. Sharing at the Cryptocurrencies Corporate lunch, “Exotic Cars meeting Crypto is quite a volatile, explosive cocktail”.

BitCar is a new decentralized crypto trading platform in Exotic hyper cars. A world first in Exotics trading on the Blockchain with cryptocurrency backed by hard assets. Noteably, Collectible cars or Exotics have outperformed property and gold over the past 10 years. BitCar has released their Whitepaper leading up to the Token Presale and the upcoming Public ICO Token Sale.

To learn more about BitCar, visit

Funds Raised for Telethon Speech & Hearing

The Cryptocurrency Corporate Lunch event raised a total of $27,977.57 for Telethon Speech & Hearing. The funds raised will provide critical therapy programs and services to children around WA who desperately need hearing, speech and language support.

Event Photos

Jack Quigley, Leigh Travers, Gov van Ek, Ian Love (Left to right)
Cryptocurrency Corporate Lunch at Royal Perth Golf Club


Over the last two years the BitCar Team, including members from Ledger Assets Pty Ltd have established and developed the BitCar technology, skills and grown the Team to bring BitCar to launch.

Ledger Assets, a leading blockchain commercialization company in Australia has been behind a number of successful blockchain companies. They successfully co-founded and developed blockchain technology in the Energy, Medical and Identity industries, becoming a world leader in its field.

The BitCar Team will be appearing at BlockShow Asia, dubbed as the “Window to the Global Blockchain World” in Sentosa, Singapore on November 29–30th, 2017. To get the details, click this link.