Revolutionary BitCar Platform: New Decentralized Exotic Car Crypto Trading Platform

The Ownership of rare and exotic hyper and super cars (“Exotics”) has been limited to the very wealthy until now.

In a world first, the decentralized Revolutionary platform allows cryptoholders and traditional car enthusiasts to own and trade in exotic super cars in small fractions, with a new ‘BITCAR’ token.

Why Exotics Are Best Performing Asset Class in Last 10 Years

Exotic cars which have been one of the world’s best performing asset classes over the last 10 years, outperforming property and gold over this time.

BitCar opens up a whole new asset class for the first time. Classic cars have gained 404% in value over the past 10 years according to the latest Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index.

Whilst Cryptocurrency Prices are Generally Volatile, BitCar links the value of tokens to the Prices of real assets within the platform.

It provides a relatively safe haven against the volatility of crypto markets.

The Bitcar Ecosystem

BitCar is the Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform and BITCAR tokens allow Users to acquire, licence and trade Exotics on the platform.

Fractional ownership of Exotics is for a flexible 5 to 15-year term.

The asset tokens linked to Exotics are decentralized and exist as their own Ethereum smart contracts. Interfacing with the master contract that transacts the exchange of BITCAR and cryptocurrency to facilitate ownership transfer.

Securely linking the components for ownership and tradability together on the Ethereum public blockchain.

Bitcar Ecosystem is Designed to Drive Demand for Tokens

Real usage of the BITCAR token within the Bitcar platform to service Exotics over 5 to 15-year term, means there will be a good to high demand for the cryptocurrency over time.

BITCAR tokens will be used over the course of the acquisition of the Exotic for maintenance, storage, insurance and licensing (MSI) as part of joint ownership.

The BitCar economy has been carefully designed so that demand grows strongly with expansion of the Platform, user trading activity, time and marketing.

Gamification: Incentivizing the BitCar Platform

An Incentive System within the BitCar Platform Rewards Users in BITCAR Tokens for marketing the ecosystem and other activities, which will put demand pressure on BITCAR Tokens. With the Ultimate Reward for users to own their own Exotic car.

ICO Token Sale

The Public ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Token Sale for BitCar is likely to be released in December 2017. A presale opportunity is available for Institutional Buyers and Strategic Partners.

With only 500 Million BITCAR tokens minted in the ICO, only 250 Million will be made available for sale.

The ICO will fund completion of the BitCar platform, extensive marketing and regulatory compliance. Funds from token sales will also be used and recycled to underwrite the acquisition of new Exotics for the platform.



Over the last two years the BitCar Team, including members from Ledger Assets Pty Ltd, have established and developed the BitCar technology, skills and grown the Team to bring BitCar to launch.

Ledger Assets, a leading blockchain commercialization company in Australia has been behind a number of successful blockchain companies. They have successfully co-founded and developed blockchain technology in the Energy, Medical and Identity industries, becoming a world leader in its field.

BitCar was established in 2015 and developed its word first prototype trading platform technology. Over the last year BitCar has extensively tested its platform and will be further developing and transforming it into a decentralized trading platform for Exotics.

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