When Lambo? Now Lambo!

BITCAR announces World First Bounty for its Initial Coin Offering!

In a genuinely ground-breaking initiative fractional car ownership blockchain platform, BitCar, is giving away a Lamborghini Huracan as part of its BitCar Platform Bounty Campaign.

If you’re heading to Cointelegraph’s Blockshow Singapore, make sure that you visit our Lambo booth (yes, there will be a real Lamborghini there!).

The phrase “When Lambo?” is ubiquitous in the crypto world and is shorthand for when a token creates significant profits for buyers. For the first time in the world, participants in the BitCar Platform Bounty Campaign, once the BitCar Platform is launched, will be in the running to win an actual Lamborghini Huracan. Bounty contributors will able to earn points through spreading the word about the platform and in the gamification of trading activities in the platform itself, with the ultimate prize of winning the car everyone wants to own.

As part of the platform’s release a BitCar Competition will be held allowing BitCar users to earn BITCAR and other prizes, through many ways including from platform activity and ongoing online marketing bounty campaigns, to encourage the growth of the BITCAR Ecosystem and BitCar as a whole.

Users will be awarded different levels according to their trading performance and this will also earn them BITCAR reward tokens and other prizes over time. Ongoing digital marketing and growth of the Ecosystem will be further driven by user experiences in the Platform, which will be developed around interests in Exotics.

The incentive will reward a user who has consistently and over a period contributed to the growth of the Platform and the Ecosystem — rewards will be based on BITCAR reward tokens earned in the competition.

Rare and exotic hyper and super car Exotics are some of the best performing assets across all classes, but up until now only the wealthy have had the opportunity to invest in them. The BitCar Platform allows crypto space holders and traditional car enthusiasts to own and trade in exotic super cars in small fractions, with new BITCAR tokens. Historically, the value of Collector Cars and Exotics have outstripped property prices and gold, making them a solid wealth creation vehicle. The beauty of BitCar is that it links the value of tokens to the prices of real assets within the platform. It provides a relatively safe haven against the volatility of crypto markets.

Additionally, the market capitalisation of the cryptocurrency market has grown significantly, with recent highs of near $US200 billion. However, the cryptocurrency markets are inherently volatile versus other traditional forms such as USD, EUR and Gold. Asset backed cryptocurrencies provide lower volatility than traditional cryptocurrencies, in addition to the other typical cryptocurrency advantages (such as lower transaction fees).

By registering and participating in the BitCar Platform Bounty Campaign throughout the first 12 months of the token, buyers will have the opportunity to drive away with their own “Lambo”.

Read more about BitCar in our White Paper.

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