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A detailed explanation of the BitCherry (BCHC) technological innovation mechanism and framework

Nowadays Blockchain has become an important technology which promotes business development. So whoever can manage well core technologies may become the leader in this field. However, while using blockchain technology we still can experience some shortcomings. For example, most blockchain systems still adopt a single linked list structure and on chain commercial applications. The privacy and security of the company might be limited because of the performance of a single chain. So for this issue some public chain projects proposed a multi chain system structure. Unfortunately a multi chain system structure has the low efficiency between cross chain interoperability and the simple multi-chain structure. The commercial demand of monetary valued enterprises indirectly leads to some issues like: ineffective connection of traditional user groups and commercial institutions, the problem of weak liquidity, the low user trust caused by the lack of effective supervision methods in the existing blockchain. All of the problems mentioned above deeply limit the desire of enterprises in various fields to use blockchain technology.

As the world’s first scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology, , BitCherry has built an innovative physical layer network protocol which is built P2Plus end-to-end encryption. Current innovative network protocol has already achieved some improvements like: an improved spectrum from the high scalable hash map data architecture, improved smart contracts, cross chain consensus and other operating mechanisms. The innovative network protocol can provide global businesses with a high performance, high security, and high underlying technical support. Current services might be involved in different fields like: finance, product traceability, asset digitization, commercial consumption, e-commerce, cloud computing and also in many other fields.

The article above gives a quick introduction of project- BitCherry. The detailed explanation about the technical framework and innovative technologies will be explained on the following text content.

1、 BitCherry Technology Concept

BitCherry is the world’s first scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology. It has three major characteristics: they are high performance, data security and consensus governance. The company aims to build a commercial level blockchain infrastructure with an innovative physical layer which will be able to provide a high-performance, high security, high availability public chain support for distributed business applications on the chain.

BitCherry Key Technologies are:

IPv8, P2Plus Network Protocol(BlockChain Plus), Sharding technology (Hash Ring Sharding Technology based on dividing the Related Hashgraph), aBFT+PoUc consensus algorithm, Bit-U incentive mechanism, smart contracts, and Cross Chain interoperability.

2、 Main technology innovations and their advantages

P2Plus Network Protocol(BlockChain Plus)

The existing P2P public chain protocols work above the TCP transport layer on the host side of the IPv4 / IPv6 wide area network, while the IPv8 protocol of BitCherry works in the lower layer of IP network and data has a link layer (which can work at the host side of routers and other machines at the same time). In other words, BitCherry starts to build the protocol which operates from the lowest physical layer, because it works at a lower level and located closer to the hardware. On the protocol layer of the device, P2Plus can easily penetrate any network, banning wall or network wall. Shortly, VPN, proxy server others are no longer needed. The P2Plus Network Protocol advantages are as follows:

High Performance: The transaction performance is improved by the horizontal fragmentation and vertical side chain of HashRelationGraph Algorithm. The consensus layer of the whole network is expanded to more than 100 000 nodes. The nodes participating in consensus in each transaction are controlled within hundreds nodes. In this way, BitCherry network can be completely decentralized, and the TPS of the network can reach for more than one million. Even if there are tens of thousands of BCHC transactions per second, the security and stability of BitCherry network will not be affected.

Scalability: Based on the aBFT Asynchronous Algorithm and relying on the expansion design of vertical side chain and horizontal fragmentation, the problem of block congestion is solved, which means that the resource occupation of phenomenal pop up applications will not affect other chain applications.

Privacy Security: The operation of the whole node is attached to the structure of hashgraph, which ensures the decentralization without heavy workload. It can realize the point-to-point encryption of information at the same time it can obtain a value high-speed interconnection, ensure the privacy and security of user’s data in the interaction process.

2. Sharding technology

The biggest problem of existing shard technology is cross chain transaction. Cross chain synchronous transaction in most of the time lose performance and asynchronous transaction damages security, the transaction is also occurring under some restrictions, the transaction must specify the partition in which it is located, so because of the issues mentioned above the actual application scenario will be greatly limited. As the solving way of the issues BitCherry uses Hashgraph partition based on the Relationship Graph. According to the six degree segmentation theory, the same type of relationship is usually concentrated in the surrounding small ring (similar to WeChat circle of friends), and it will form a Hash Ring from large to small relationships, such as the ring of friends or people who may know. Therefore, more than 96% of the final transactions are carried out in the same segment, and unnecessary cross segment transactions will be greatly reduced.

3. aBFT + PoUc Consensus Algorithm

In terms of consensus algorithm, BitCherry creatively combines blockchain technology with six degree segmentation theory on the basis of hash graph data structure which. It is proved that the value of PoUc would benefit in selection of consensus nodes and optimize the communication process of network consensus propagation process, and create a unique aBFT + PoUc consensus. Different from DPoS, all users can participate in the PoUc consensus. The algorithm automatically selects adjacent nodes and non-adjacent nodes according to the relationship graph algorithm, it conducts virtual voting with reference to their weights, and the selected nodes will get bookkeeping rewards.

4. Smart contract

BitCherry smart contract is a fully functional Docker containerized smart contract that supports multiple programming languages and supports external resource isolated by sandbox. In terms of programming language, it supports solidness, C + +, Java, go, typescript and other mainstream programming languages. The smart contract supports IPFs and the network upper layer protocol based on P2Plus point-to-point encryption. Its services involve supply chain finance, asset digitization, commercial consumption, e-commerce, distributed cloud computing and many other commercial fields.

5. Digital token

The main role of project’s BCHC token in the BitCherry ecology is to confirm the rights and price. It is the digital carrier of assets and the value support of BitCherry ecology. Its existence facilitates the flow of value in the form of digitization in the BitCherry ecology, realizing the mapping from the physical world to the digital world.

In the near future, we will give you a detailed introduction to the technology, consensus, product, ecology, and value of the distributed commercial public chain BitCherry.

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The world’s first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology

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