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“All Spark Plan” Open to Register $1,000,000,000 Boost BitCherry Mainnet Ecological Development

Apply All Spark Plan:

Top 30 developers/team will receive 300 USDT rewards, Join us now

On 29th March 2021, BitCherry officially launched the “AllSparks Plan” to cultivate more valuable and potential blockchain business applications and enrich BitCherry’s distributed business ecosystem. BitCherry distributed business Ecology Fund also announced that it will officially invest 10 million US dollars in the development, competition, incubation, and investment of ecological projects, and provide multi-faceted support for developers in terms of capital, technology, and operation promotion.

In this “ AllSparks Plan “, developers need to deploy and run DAPP on BitCherry. We will evaluate the top10 according to the operation of the registered projects and give the incubator award of “Super Sparks”.

Registration Starting From 29th March 2021

Award (Equity)

(1) All developers:

All developers that deployed DAPPs on the BitCherry Chain will receive at least one of the following benefits:

1. Each of the top 30 participants/team will receive 300 USDT rewards.

2. BitCherry will promote your ADPPs through no less than 10 media platforms.

3. ALL of BitCherry communities will be published simultaneously to help the popularity of the DAPP application.

4. All participants will be awarded the title of “BitCherry Sparks”.

(2) Top 10 DAPP developers

According to the team’s evaluation, the developers of DAPP ranked in the top 10 will get the following benefits:

1. “BitCherry Super Sparks” title.

2. Investment opportunities of BitCherry distributed business ecological Fund (the investment amount is determined according to the project evaluation).

3. BitCherry distributed business ecological resources support.

4. Global marketing resources support.

5. DAPP project strategic operation support: if you are a project team, BitCherry will provide professional team consultation and technical guidance.

Selection Rules:

Chain data, project potential, market reputation, and other dimensions

Tips: 20% of the gas fee generated by DAPP in the first year of operation on BitCherry Mainnet will be returned to the developer of DAPP.

Registration Channel

Project developers are invited to visit the BitCherry website( )Register or submit your application through the registration link below.

Apply All Spark Plan:

✅ Build Blockchain On BitCherry:

Official Website:



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