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BitCherry-BCHC Explore the potential value of Blockchain Environmental Protection

Environmental protection has always been an issue to all countries around the world. Governments have already reached a consensus on energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection, and other environmental protection issues. However, on the journey of environmental protection, there are always challenges and difficulties. In recent years, blockchain technology has gradually shown its good application potential. Now it has been adapted to a variety of industry and brought obvious improvement to these industries. In the industry of environmental protection, the application of blockchain technology is still in the exploratory stage. In fact, there is a great demand for blockchain technology in the industry of environmental protection. If we utilize the advantages of blockchain technology, we can effectively improve development of the environmental protection.

Monitoring is the requirement of environmental protection. However, it is difficult to monitor and record. For example, some polluting enterprises are very good at responding to the inspection by the regulatory authorities. They stop discharging during the inspection, and once the inspection is over, some factories even close down during the day and start work at night in order to avoid the supervision and inspection from the regulatory authorities. In addition to enterprise pollution discharge, there is also the problem of “Waste Classification”. Due to the lack of awareness of waste classification, many residents do not realize the importance of waste classification. At the same time, with the problems of difficult in classification, complicated process, and lack of supervision, it is often “twice the result with half of the effort” in the process of promoting “waste classification”.

Recently, BitCherry, a distributed commercial public chain project, has proposed a series of feasible blockchain solutions for environmental protection. As the world’s first scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology to serve distributed commerce, BitCherry has three major characteristics: High performance, Data security and Consensus governance. By building a P2Plus point-to-point encryption network protocol with a new idea of innovating the physical layer, BitCherry provides high-performance, high-security and high-availability bottom public chain support for distributed business applications on the chain. At present, it has provided solutions for supply chain finance, asset digitization, commercial consumption, e-commerce, distributed cloud computing and other industries.

In view of the emission of pollutants from enterprises, BitCherry said that it could use the advantages of its public chain IPv8 to innovate the hardware equipment that can detect pollutant emissions 24 hours a day. At the same time, it cooperated with the smart contract to carry out on-line governance, to achieve intelligent unmanned supervisory function and record the emission data in real-time on the data link of BitCherry. These emission data cannot be tampered, and will directly affect the enterprise trust, it solves the problems of the traditional government’s difficulty in monitoring pollution enterprises, high recording costs and facilitates the government to carry out real-time control. Through the BitCherry unique PoUc consensus mechanism, an integral reward mechanism of “Garbage Classification” can be established, so that everyone involved in garbage classification can create real value and get BCHC’s digital currency reward, which could stimulate the enthusiasm of the people and finally ensure that each garbage is correctly classified and traceable throughout the whole process. At the same time, due to the unique point-to-point nature of blockchain, it can avoid the problems such as unclear capital flow of environmental protection public welfare institutions, and ensure that the capital flow can be clearly traced even in the absence of reliable third-party supervision.

BitCherry will build an environmental protection ecosystem through blockchain technology, which will link everything that is conducive to environmental protection and form an ecosystem. The system covers the whole process of capital flow, manufacturing and production, transportation and distribution, pollution emission, recycle and recovery, and able to monitor every link to prevent the possible factors that will cause the population to the environment, and form a blockchain solution for each problem.

Flexible use of blockchain technology can better promote the development of environmental protection work. Perhaps this is the real technology that changes the future. It is possible that every government, enterprise and individual can do their utmost on the issue of environmental protection. After all, the future of mankind includes not only human beings, but also animals, plants and the environment on which humans depend.

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The world’s first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology

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