BitCherry CEO: Blockchain Technology Will Reconstruct Environmental Governance

BitCherry Official
Sep 18, 2020 · 2 min read

BitCherry CEO Paul said: “September 14 is World Clean Earth Day, currently in the field of environmental protection the blockchain technology is still at the exploratory stage, but has broad application prospects, for example, monitoring environmental protection is one of those prospects.

The recording is a difficult problem in the field of environmental protection, and the use of blockchain technology will help in the establishment of a “garbage classification” reward mechanism, to ensure that each garbage is correctly classified and can be traced throughout the entire process, which will greatly improve the actual effect of garbage classification and recycling.

It will also corporate pollution emissions and can also take advantage of hardware devices plus a smart way to govern the contract chain, to achieve unattended, real-time emissions data recorded on the data of BitCherry chain which is not tampered with and directly affect the credit can be said, the district Blockchain technology is effective for environmental protection.”

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