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📢BitCherry Developer Ambassador Recruitment Program

We are grand to inviting all the Blockchain Developers and volunteers to join the BitCherry Developer Community (Technology).

BitCherry Developer Ambassador Recruitment Program📣

Dear Blockchain developers, the BitCherry developer community is inviting all of the blockchain developers to join our community now. BitCherry supports in various forms to participate in project development, BitCherry rewards program, code issues, DApp, based on the development and application, project ideas, etc. BitCherry main network discussion. You will gain the knowledge, exercise summary, expression, and article writing skills, at the same time contributing to the community. Meanwhile, the BitCherry developer community will also be launching regular activities, developer coding contests, massive token rewards waiting for you.

BitCherry developers ambassador as a link between the developer community and BitCherry, through the developer program, link with BitCherry technical team, organize all types of project planning activities, development of the blockchain developer community to help developers build more industry links, and learn together.

In 2021, BitCherry will hold the BitCherry Blockchain Developer Conference, and technology field meetings and events.

We Are Looking:
Proficient in various language codes, solid technical skills, have a strong interest in development. Those who have participated in various technical competitions are preferred.

Tech Influencer
Passionate and responsible for things, Strong communication skills and organization and coordination skills, preferred with experience in technology development community management.

Social Media Talent
Passionate about the Internet and blockchain industry, willing to share and innovate, accept the new challenge.

We Expect You To Do:
Tech Event Organizer
To organize elite tech talents to regularly organize technical learning and community, and active in various technical groups.

Business Experience Specialist
Experience within BitCherry ecological new applications, new features, and gather developers and users and feedback.

Brand Promoter
Organize the online and offline meetup activities, and deliver the message of the brand, public chain technology, IPV8 information, and vision of BitCherry.

🔶 How To Get The Rewards:
1. Join The BitCherry Developer Community Event
2. Involve The BitCherry Ecological Operation
3. Based on BitCherry Mainnet Application Development, Profit Sharing With BitCherry

🔶 Process of Recruitment:
1. Sending Resume / CV
2. Resume / CV Filtering
3. Online Interview
4. Join The Community
5. Online Training
6. Online Testing
7. Review and Appoint The Job

We are grand to inviting all the Blockchain Developers and volunteers to join the BitCherry Developer Community (Technology).

In 2020, the BitCherry developer community and look forward to more talents to join! 📲 WhatsApp: +6011–56726190

🔶 Join Our Group Now
WhatsApp Group:

Telegram Group:

Facebook Group:

Please send your resume or CV to the 📩 email: . In resume, please remark on the development projects you have involved, and the tech competition you have participated in.




The world’s first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology

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