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BitCherry Online Interpretation of BitCherry Testnet (AMA Recap)

Host: Hello, everyone this is Bodrul, It’s a great honour for me to be the AMA host.

Paul: it’s a pleasure for me to meet all of you.

Good Day! Members of BitCherry community,

2020 November 10, BitCherry test network formally launched closed beta testing a version v1.0.1. As the world’s first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based IPv8 technology, BitCherry has been focused on defining and providing the most basic, critical system components, to improve the existing technical pain points of the blockchain, it helps traditional enterprises to construct a trusted distributed business ecosystem.

The official closed beta test network BitCherry v1.0.1 version, marking the infrastructure BitCherry network has taken shape, BitCherry development will enter a new stage, which is an important milestone in the transition to the main network. The AMA event will focus on questions about the BitCherry test network we are most concerned to answer to help people participate in testing and ecology BitCherry network.

Budrul:In order to let community users and developers know more deeply about BitCherry Testnet, I will ask you some questions about Testnet, let’s open it now ok?


Q1、Which companies do you think are potential partners of BitCherry, and how can they help the development of BitCherry?What is the difference between BitCherry and Polkadot in cross-chain technology?

Q1: As a scalable blockchain infrastructure serving commerce, BitCherry is more willing to help medium-sized financial institutions challenge large companies. BitCherry’s distributed commercial public chain will meet diversified payment scenarios. Whether it is a small amount of multi frequency payment or other innovative business models, it can customize enterprise level blockchain business solutions for it. We also want to continue to try some projects with government agencies, Such as the previous cooperation with the Indonesian and Congo governments. In fact, the success of the partners has verified the commerciality,

security, stability, and efficiency of BitCherry network.

BitCherry is based on high-performance consensus. Through cross-chain technology, the side chain can share the high performance of the main chain, providing complete ecological and high-speed performance. Polkadot focuses on the cross-chain protocol and provides one key chain.

Q2: When will the node election start? How does the team attract users to run for nodes? How will BitCherry guarantee transaction costs remain low?

A2: The team is currently focusing on the v1.0.1 beta version of the work. The node will run for a specific time after the node test network online subsequent performance is turned on, the particular time, please refer to the official announcement, but I hope the next node BitCherry is fully recognized efforts BitCherry stage and is also willing to participate in the future of BitCherry.

As for how to remain the transaction costs low, First, since BitCherry is scalable, which will reduce transaction costs, but also in BitCherry network, each account in addition to the main currency, also a native of assets built ERC20 standard (sub-currency), such as UDST / ETH / BTC /TRX/EOS, etc., no need to write and deploy smart contracts, and save the loss of virtual machine calls, higher performance, and only a small fee for completing a single transfer.

Q3: As a novice, many blockchain developments will encounter difficulties, can I build a DApp on BitCherry blockchain? What programming language and development tools are used in your project, and is it complicated?

A3: On BitCherry, public chain network development application is not difficult. We will provide developers with complete development documentation and development tools. The current v1.0.1 version supports Solidity language and EVM to minimize the barriers for developers to use. In BitCherry test network subsequent versions of the virtual machine WASM, and support Go / Rust / C / C ++ / JS / TS and other development languages, while supporting Ethernet Square interfaces, developers can also smooth migration of intelligence contracts to BitCherry test online.

Q4: With the official launch of BitCherry test network, the version of how to provide a safe and efficient development environment for developers?

A4: The BitCherry test network version is v1.0.1 beta version, and currently supports transfer transactions and contracts to build smart, we will gradually open test network testing, can focus on the specific circumstances of the official announcement, in subsequent versions, we will open Some reward BUG/hacker bounty of activities to attract security personnel audit BitCherry test network code, remove some security loopholes. At the same time, we will open channels of communication with developers, we will collect feedback to further optimize the BitCherry network.

Q5:Remember that you have said you are looking for those innovative blockchain applications and businesses, which currently has a business partnership? What is the business development logic of BitCherry?

A5: Satoshi Nakamoto was conceiving Bitcoin. When Vitalik was developing Ethereum, I don’t think I would find many partners before the code was written. Our main task now is to do the underlying technology infrastructure, but in fact, we already have a lot of intention to cooperate, including our already announced, unpublished and so, of course, we have approached more business partners to improve BitCherry Ecology.

At present, the blockchain industry is still an emerging field. Groups who have not been exposed to the blockchain or have never held digital currencies still account for a large proportion. So what we need to consider is how to enable users who have never contacted the blockchain to Use DApp in daily life. BitCherry competitiveness is more focused on providing customized business applications for different business scenarios, problem-solving blockchain network scalability through a multi-chain structure and physical fragmentation technology to provide a fully customized service level, support totally private side chain, each side chain is a complete commercial-grade blockchain solutions, while BitCherry for developer-friendly, developers can more easily promote their DApp to ordinary users. When we solve this problem, the market will also be more inclined to use BitCherry blockchain solutions.

Q6: What’s the strategy to build a global community? In the future, you agree to let the community drive BitCherry development on a global scale?

A6: BitCherry community is the foundation, BitCherry rely on basic environmental survival and development on the road of globalization, that community need is a sense of identity and belonging, the need to work together to achieve the same goal. I hope everyone involved in community governance can gain something in this process. Whether it’s a personal investment, development, and learning, or other business activities and the community has never contradicted. There are many commercial organizations that open-source Profit in ecology. BitCherry needs a stronger global community to support, BitCherry as an open-source public blockchain project, the future will gradually give it an autonomy system, and I hope that the global community of members can agree BitCherry business concept allows the global organizations and individuals to easily enjoy the great changes that blockchain technology brings to the world.

Budrul: Thank you Paul,Thanks for your detailed interpretation.

Budrul:In order to improve users’ understanding of BitCherry, we have selected 5 questions about what users most want to know. let’s go to part 2 Q&A part:

Q1: BitCherry launches the test network, BitCherry team will face some challenges? What are the plans afterwards? @Housamh

A1: BitCherry as a growth-oriented project, until we were certainly not all the way flat, numerous challenges waiting for us to solve. After that, we will actively deploy the development of the developer community. The success of Ethereum is largely due to its huge developer resources. Countless developers have innovated so many high-quality projects in exchanges and collisions. Therefore, in addition to continuous improving technology, a more reasonable incentive mechanism will be established to positively motivate the developer community. The future of the public chain applications to solve practical problems must be based on the actual application scenarios, so BitCherry through aggregation technology, community, and ecological resources can meet different business scenario’s blockchain underlying infrastructure and business applications.

Q2: Currently, all the blockchain projects are concerned about speed and safety, BitCherry takes advantage of what technology to ensure safety? @Nour20110

A2: Based on the actual needs of different application scenarios segmentation, BitCherry classify data, according to different flow content to provide the appropriate type of side chain, the main chain is only responsible for a consensus with the main trading Token, the number of side chains and data traffic can be added. The nodes of different sub-chains deal with their own business and based on the design of a multi-layer systematic security assurance mechanism, to resist various attacks. Meanwhile, BitCherry is excited by the PoUc consensus algorithm DPOS algorithm to solve the drawbacks of semi-centralized through a large number of miners node witnesses.

Q3、What are the main functions of BCHC? Can you explain in detail the work and tasks of Token in the whole ecosystem? @Thienzoro

A3:As the value support of BitCherry public chain, BCHC ensures the decentralization of BitCherry and enables the stakeholders in the ecology to participate in the network governance freely and fairly. In addition, BCHC can pay for all kinds of goods and services in the BitCherry ecosystem in the future and generate value circulation in the process of users’ rights and interests, as to maintain the development of BitCherry value network.

Q4: What difficulties has BitCherry overcome as a blockchain startup? What inspired the development of BitCherry? @HeRmAwAnTrAdEr

A4: First of all, I would like to thank all the partners who support BitCherry, because as a start-up company, BitCherry has also faced various difficulties since its establishment, but fortunately, we have overcome these obstacles together. With the stable development of BitCherry, we also gradually have a global team, global investors, and a global community, which gives us a crucial international perspective in the blockchain industry.

As a technology-based company, it is difficult to express our goal in language. Only by constantly improving and optimizing BitCherry’s network can we truly serve the future business. The official internal test of the v1.0.1 version of BitCherry test network indicates that the development of BitCherry will enter a new stage, and it has reached the stage of preparation. Therefore, when users have experienced the BitCherry test network, it is easier to understand the excellence of the BitCherry network. This is exactly what BitCherry will do next to lead you to a variety of high-quality experiences.

Q5: Can you give us more details about the startup roadmap of BitCherry’s Mainnet? @Pannicota

A5: The BitCherry testnet started just a first step, BitCherry team will be following the official release of the roadmap focus on the completion of related work, continuous improvement BitCherry network functions, network formally launched before, we will carry out multi-stage test network Iteratively realize the creation/selection of nodes, consensus election/verification, cross-chain interaction, completion of the network economic system and peripheral tools, and improvement of the developer system, to let the community members have a better experience on the BitCherry network, to learn more BitCherry latest news, please check our official website.

In a subsequent phase, developers will be able to participate in the BitCherry network test environment; especially, we would also encourage blockchain enthusiasts and developers who participate together with us to test and bring more valuable advice. If you have any suggestions, can communicate via email or GitHub issue with BitCherry technical team.


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