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🎁BitCherry’s 2nd Anniversary Airdrop, The World First IPv8 Mainnet BitCherry Chain (BCC) Airdrop

To celebrate BitCherry’s 2nd anniversary and BitCherry Chain (BCC) is coming soon, BitCherry is giving away more than $2000. Complete simple social tasks and submit your details to the Telegram bot for a chance to win the USDT.

📣 Time: 11:00, May 5, 2021–23:00, May 13, 2021(GMT+8)

Step by Step Finish The Task

1. Chat with or click the link:

2. Join Telegram Group: (0.3USDT)

3. Post to the group (0.2USDT)

4. Share event post to another group for inviting friends to the participant(0.5 USDT)

5. Follow BitCherry Twitter: (0.3USDT)

6. Like & Retweet & Tag 2 Friends: (0.3USDT)

7. Comment (0.3USDT)

8. Join Subreddit: (0.3USDT)

9. Ask a question about BitCherry (0.3USDT)

10. Follow Instagram: (0.3USDT)

11. Post creative pictures about BitCherry on Instagram (0.5 USDT)

12. Congratulations, (0.2USDT)

13. (0.5USDT)



🚀 Click Here Check How to join the BitCherry 2nd Anniversary Airdrop (Guideline)

1. The winners of the event will be informed via Twitter within five business days after the giveaway ends.
2. For each reward, one Twitter username can only participate once.
3. BitCherry reserves all rights to exercise at its sole discretion to define if the users’ behavior is counted as cheating and determine whether to cancel the participation qualification of a user. The final decision made by BitCherry is with legal binding force to all participants.

About BitCherry Chain:
BitCherry is the world’s first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology, a robust blockchain ecosystem designed by the number of blockchain technology developers, which contains a large number of eco-products, such as public chain, wallet, DApp, etc., these products are near related to each other and jointly support the stable and efficient operation of the system.

Connect with us:
Developer Website:



The world’s first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology

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