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Blockchain + Digital Identity, Bitcherry BCHC Reshape Digital Identity Trust

BCHC How To Reshape Digital Identity Trust? Learn More Now.

With the development of the Internet, the security of privacy has been challenged. When you upload, share and exchange personal information on the Internet, you don’t know which platforms or apps have quietly “taken” your personal information for illegal profit making. More and more identity theft and personal information leakage incidents occur In front of the public, last year alone, the personal information of hundreds of millions of people around the world was leaked due to the use of intermediary, online shopping, express delivery, online lending, banking and other services.

In order to protect personal privacy, blockchain technology is absolutely the best way to achieve personal privacy protection. A Blockchain network is a distributed database that cannot be tampered with. It has the characteristics of decentralization, traceability, unalterable, privacy security, and so on. It is one of the most revolutionary emerging technologies. Different from the digital identity of the traditional centralized network, when blockchain technology is used for personal identity management and digital identity, it will ensure the uniqueness of digital identity authentication, and ensure that the digital identity information cannot be tampered with, so as to ensure personal privacy security.

It is very important to build a secure digital identity system by using blockchain technology, but there are still many challenges in the construction of blockchain digital identity, such as the development of blockchain technology, industry application, the development of laws and regulations, etc. In the face of these challenges, the distributed commercial public chain BitCherry provides the solution for digital identity by virtue of its original P2Plus network protocol. The distributed blockchain architecture can provide identity services for various business fields, customize smart contracts according to the needs, and build distributed digital identity applications. For example, in novel coronavirus pneumonia, COVID-19 needs to track the way of viral transmission. Hospitals and monitoring departments only need to build an IP address and allow self-checking databases in BitCherry’s digital identity applications. People can know whether they have new crown pneumonia or not contact with coronavirus patients without violating their privacy. And receive treatment and examination as soon as possible.

Blockchain technology ensures the authenticity and uniqueness of personal identity while avoiding the potential risks of monopoly, monitoring, or abuse of personal identity data by a centralized network platform. All of these are inseparable from the integration of blockchain technology and digital identity. As the world’s first scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology and serving distributed commerce, BitCherry is committed to making profits With the underlying blockchain technology to enable various fields, help all kinds of enterprises to change the existing business structure and internal cooperation mode. Based on the three characteristics of efficient stability, data security and consensus governance, BitCherry will also reshape people’s trust in the digital world and bring more solutions to the field of digital identity.

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