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Dec, 10th at 8 PM, BitCherry Testnet AMA Event On Telegram

BitCherry Testnet AMA Event
Online Interpretation of BitCherry Testnet

BitCherry Testnet V1.0.1 is about to enter beta testing. In order to let community users and developers know more deeply about Testnet, we will open the AMA event. The AMA will start around testnet management, technology innovation, How to join BitCherry ecological construction, etc., to help developers and ordinary users to participate in the BitCherry Testnet more easily.

Prize Pool: 100USDT
Date/Time: Dec 10th at 8pm GMT+8


You can ask the questions you most want to know about the BitCherry testnet, BitCherry CEO Paul will pick the 5 best questions to answer, and each reward $20USDT.

Asking ways:
1. Fill in this Form:
2. Asking questions on AMA Event

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The world’s first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology

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