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EVENT|BitCherry Discord Invitation Bounty (30Dec-9Jan)

Invite your friends to join the BitCherry Discord. For every 1 person invited, the inviter can get 50BCHC rewards. If a single participant invites more than 100 people, they will be ranked according to the number of invitations to get additional rewards. The top three can get additional USDT rewards:

Top1: 100USDT
Top2: 50USDT
Top3: 30USDT

Remarks: Reward will be BCHC tokens, please provide BitTok exchange wallet address ( to receive rewards

🚀 How to Participate?

1. Join BitCherry Discord:
2. Must Create an Invitation link at Welcome Server

3. Fill Form:
4. Invite your friend, with your very own link to join BitCherry Discord
5. Be the TOP Inviter to WIN THE PRIZE

1. One user can only join one time.
2. For each reward, one user can only participate once.
3. The same device and same IP address will be treated as the same account and same user when participating in the event.
4. BitCherry reserves all rights to exercise at its sole discretion to define if the users’ behavior is counted as cheating and determine whether to cancel the participation qualification of a user. The final decision made by BitCherry is with legal binding force to all participants.

Invitation Bounty Ranking will update at General Chat (Daily)
Only Real Invites will be count

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The world’s first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology

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