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EVENT|BitCherryTestnet Round 1 Bug Bounty Campaign

1st Jan. 2021, BitCherry formally launched a closed beta test version v1.0.1 network. The functions of the v1.0.1 mainly include: transactions, smart contract deployment and invocation, native multi-currency transfer and query.

To optimize BitCherry test network functions and services, build more top-quality applications, gradually grow the BitCherry developer community, BitCherry issued the “10 million Developer Rewarding Program” to recruit developers, welcome all developers participate in BitCherry test environment to win up to 10 million BCHC rewarding through released developer task.

1st Jan. 2021, BitCherry decided to start Testnet v1.0.1 online campaign round 1- ‘Debug Reward.’

DATE: January 1st -February 15th, 2021

1. Use BCWallet browser plug-in wallet, receive your test token;
2. Using the IDE(BitCherry provided) to develop a smart contract;
3. Develop DApp by using the API interface (BitCherry provided) and development tools;
4. Use BitCherry blockchain browser to query transactions;

NOTE: The first phase of test development language support: Solidity (other development languages will be released in subsequent versions of BitCherry test network)

Join in BitCherry Discord community:

BCWallet usage and smart contract development tutorial:

Test Token Collect Address:

1.Update test report to BitCherry developer email:
(Subject format: BitCherry Testnet Bug + your name);

2. This reward is a BCHC token. Please provide your BitTok exchange wallet address (Register at;

3. BitCherry technical team will be check and reply to your email within one week;

4. After the website is publicized, payment will be made to your address within two weeks.

1. Bug reporting that has been discovered or repeatedly submitted will not be rewarded, and we will deliver rewards to the first developer who reports this vulnerability.

2. Vulnerabilities disclosure will lose bounty and may be claimed responsibility.

3. The final interpretation of this event is attributable to BitCherry technical team.




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