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The Future of Internet: Blockchain and IPv8 Are Going To Drive Business Deployment

Do You Know IPv6?
IPv6 is slowly but irresistibly making its way into the Internet and into our networks. In industrial countries, the average user adoption rate is around 30%, Belgium being the leader with over 50%. Over 25% of the Top Alexa 1000 websites are dual-stack, which means, they are reachable over IPv4 and IPv6.

🌐 Blockchain Will Change It

Blockchain is a new architecture, that revolutionizes the Internet and replaces the common centralized client-server design. Blockchain stores data on a chain of nodes. It is a shared public ledger on which the entire decentralized distributed peer-to-peer network relies.

🍒 BitCherry Technology Implementation — IPv8

IPv4 / IPv6 are all IP layer protocols, the point of difference is the number of bytes of the network source address and the destination.IPv4 supports more than 4 billion addresses, but you at home or office are sharing a floating IP address to connect the internet with everyone because the number of IP addresses is not enough. When you be home is using the temporary IP address to connect the internet; only the data center computer room and private network have has a fixed IP address.

In order to solve the problem of insufficient IP addresses, the IPv6 protocol was upgraded. The essence of the protocol is almost exactly the same as IPv4, but upgrading the address to 6 bytes can express 262 trillion addresses, which exceeds the number of each grain of sand in the world. Therefore, it is sufficient for all Internet-connected computers and IoT devices now and in the future.

The IPv8 address is based on the IPv4 / IPv6 address, adding 2 bytes to express the topological relationship of the network and the double-layer P2Plus gateway node. P2Plus will establish a decentralized fast, safe, and private point-to-point on the IP layer Communications network.

For example, IPv4 / IPv6 are regular roads, and all the villages have the roads; IPv8 builds a highway, and all the cities have the highway entrances and exits, while IPv8 addresses build a highway entrance link the regular road.

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The world’s first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology

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