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Upcoming Event|Series Event of BitCherry Testnet


BitCherry, as the world’s first technology-based services to IPv8, distributed business expansion can provide blockchain infrastructure, formally launched on December 24, released a beta version v1.0.1 network, the first phase of the main features include transfer transaction, smart contract deployment, and multi-currency transfer and query.

Meanwhile, BitCherry issued the “10 million BCHC Developer Program”. To recruit outstanding test developers, developers users can participate in the BitCherry network test environment, and released by BitCherry developer task, win up to 10 million BCHC.

🚀 First Phase Event:

1. Discord Invitation Bounty (30th Dec 2020–9th Jan 2021)

2. Bug Bounty Campaign (1st Jan 2021–15th Feb 2021)

3. DApp Development Competition (1st Jan 2021–28th Feb 2021)

🚀 Developer Website:

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Don’t miss the chance to win 10 million BCHC.

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