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As we communicated last week, most of the of the focus is on preparing BASE for developers and partners and on Vault. We are having great progress there.

For developers portal we have almost finished the backend work and catching up with the frontend end. We plan to have first end-to-end demo this week and we target to release it to developers before the London conference.

For Vault, we are focusing on front-end to demonstrate the advanced future capabilities of the product.

Here is an early view into our progress.

We are also working on the fresh and new Desearch design. This is a glimpse of the new landing page and we will be rolling this out to production in the next couples weeks


We’re at the penultimate step of our preparations for the Blockchain Summit happening in London at the end of this month. The community will see the first glimpses of the content — text, images and videos anytime soon so stay tuned!

We will resume interviewing candidates for Marketing and Events from the first week of July. If you haven’t heard from us on the applications sent — we apologize for any inconvenience and we will get back to you soon.

Have you read our recent blog post on Central Advertising and how it is broken? Find it here and do share your feedback! :)


We’re super excited about the London event and are in the full swing of things with the preparations for it. The booth, the videos, the branding materials are all set to get shipped to London. While we prepare the logistics and on-field activities there, we want to share with you that — we will also be representing ourselves in San Francisco later this week on June 23rd at NAC3 which is happening at the Treasure Island. Our Head of Growth will be speaking and our team will be accompanying him there too.

See you soon in San Francisco and London.

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Decentralized Search Ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology


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The future of search is here! World's First Decentralized Search Ecosytem. 🔎 Blockchain based. 🔗 Check 🚀



Decentralized Search Ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology

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