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BitClave Takes Center-Stage with Blockchain-Powered Search Engine

Ever imagined the possibility of having all your crypto and blockchain related topics and keyword searches in one place? Or even the security that comes with knowing that there are no centrally controlled algorithms which take advantage of your digital footprints and browsing patterns on your favorite search engine? Imagine the efficiency, accuracy and security that such an engine can deliver!

That’s exactly what BitClave’s search engine, Desearch, offers.

Desearch enters the search engine ecosystem as BitClave’s answer to all user concerns over centralized control of the existing search engine providers, eliminating once and for all the problems and ambiguities in searching for specialized content (such as cryptocurrency and blockchain related information), the overbearing influence of service providers on such content owners, and exploitation of private data for advert revenue generation.

Desearch is able to eliminate these existing shortcomings by leveraging the BitClave ecosystem on the revolutionary blockchain technology. By virtue of this innovation, you can now get all your crypto information needs and curiosities in one easy dashboard, but without the bother of interfering ads or the age-long worries of invasion of your privacy.

How It Works

Essentially, the Desearch engine is an expansion of existing crypto-centric websites such as Coinmarketcap, Coincap, Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Crypto Answers, Coin Calendar, etc. and official websites, blogs, social links, and other digital resources of cryptocurrency concerns. But instead of serving as just another news or market information source that is still dependent on existing centralized search engines, Desearch acts as a decentralized pool for all the information and data resources of these specialized crypto-centric sites. This way, users have all the industry-related information in one place, with the extra benefit of searches being more focused and results more accurate and, of course, all the problems with centralized dependence engines are eliminated.

An Intuitive Search Algorithm

Besides the benefits of a decentralized ecosystem, the Desearch engine is also distinguished by its optimized, intuitive search algorithm which delivers a better experience when surfing, because it connects intelligently with the most trusted, relevant websites to gather the essentials on any search keywords. Furthermore, Desearch’s powerful search capability also looks through the top sites used in the Blockchain space, searching Telegram channels, BT, company and influencer Medium content, and Reddit, always going for the deepest dive on ICO and all crypto information — and that at the speed of lightning!

With a streamlined and specialized focus, Desearch is invaluable to the industry because it is now easier to stay up-to-date on crypto exchanges, find a strong ICO, track your favorite apps and developers, and quickly get the useful content that is restricted on the old search sites. It doesn’t get better!

The Future of Desearch

In line with BitClave’s vision, is designed to be the future of search, with a decentralized search engine that is the ultimate go-to for all types of content on the web. Even more, the BitClave blockchain ecosystem comes packed with even more juice, as it puts more power in the hands of the everyday internet surfer.




Decentralized Search Ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology

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