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Last week we finished the basic functionality for REQUEST and OFFER entities, allowing to create and manually match this entities. This skeleton will allow us to test system flows for “good” recommendations by a search engine or “bad/malicious” recommendations by a search engine. We have also implemented the service that will pay CAT Tokens as a reward on behalf of business.

This week we’ll continue to work on the APIs involved in interactions between REQUEST, OFFER and Search Engine.


Last week we were following up with the people who we met during the Blockchain Week in New York City. We have already started finding such big events in the coming future. Last week we were also closely following the GDPR updates and its implications all around the world mainly in the blockchain space. We have more content coming this week and we are also discussing with our legal team regarding the its implications for BitClave and our products.

Here’s an article we wrote on it recently on GDPR with the headline — What the heck is GDPR, and why am I getting all these emails?.

We also wrote an article on how we are leading our towards innovative decentralized products with the use of blockchain technology. Read here.

We continue to hire more people to join our Marketing Team. You can check for the latest job postings here.


During the week we were searching for new opportunities and prepared the events for June.

On May 28–29 our Events Manager Stanislav Liutenko is attending Blockshow Europe in Berlin. Please, let us know if you would like to meet him there!

Our Head of Growth Praitk Gandhi visited the HQ in San Jose for the first time last week. Here’s a picture he clicked with our Head of Blockchain Mark Shwartzman.

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Decentralized Search Ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology


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The future of search is here! World's First Decentralized Search Ecosytem. 🔎 Blockchain based. 🔗 Check 🚀



Decentralized Search Ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology

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