Introducing our Advisors — Enrico Ferro

At Bitclave, we know how important it is to have trusted and knowledgeable advisors. It’s necessary to draw on the best brains in the industry to ensure the best possible results.

That’s why Bitclave is working with industry-leading advisors, specialists with real expertise in the fields of cryptocurrency, venture capital, and software development. We want to make sure we get the best advice and guidance so the project can run as smoothly as possible.

Each post in this series will look at one of our advisors, and talk about what they’ve done in the past and what they bring to Bitclave.

Today’s post looks at Enrico Ferro. Also, you can listen to a short podcast with Enrico and learn more about his background, why he’s joined BitClave and why he thinks BitClave is positioned for global success.

Enrico Ferro graduated from the University of Brighton in the UK with a degree in European Business with Technology. He went on to study a Masters in Management in the Network Economy, and in 2006 he obtained a Ph.D. in Management, Economics and Engineering, during which he focused on public sector innovation. As part of his academic career, Enrico was visiting scholar at the University of Berkeley and at the State University of New York. His career has centered on innovation management allowing him build a strong multidisciplinary profile at the intersection of technology, business and policy.

Enrico currently works as the Head of Innovation Development at ISMB, a non-profit institution for research and innovation which encourages creative thinking in research to benefit society. He is also a member of the Italian Node’s Strategic Committee of EIT Digital, an organization which works to encourage innovation and market development across Europe.

In addition to this, Enrico works as a lecturer, delivering talks on innovation management for the International Labour Organization of the United Nations. In the past, he taught similar classes on innovation and economics of information at Polytechnic of Turin.

Why BitClave

BitClave is promoting innovative, valuable, reliable and responsible solutions. It is solving the problems of consumers, of policy makers and at the same time it has a sound business case. I think the mixture of these three aspects will generate the potential for BitClave to become a prominent player in the global advertising space.
A widespread adoption of the BitClave solution will contribute to help putting the citizens back in the drivers seat when it comes to privacy and at the same time foster a fair distribution of the value that may be extracted from the exploitation of personal information, a value that currently is mainly internalized by large multi-national corporations.
BitClave managed to bring together the best of the industrial and the academic world, by creating a team of smart, humble and reliable people. A secret recipe that in my experience represents a key ingredient for creating a long lasting and successful venture.
-Enrico Ferro

Leveraging over fifteen years of professional experience in the development of innovation at international level, Enrico Ferro may offer Bitclave precious strategic advice. In addition, his wide network of business contacts ranging across European member states and industries combined with a deep knowledge of the policy tools offered by European Commission for the promotion of innovative and responsible solutions represent an invaluable asset for supporting Bitclave in becoming a prominent player in the European landscape.

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