Sharing Development Updates from the BitClave Team 💪📝

Starting this week, we are changing how often we distribute updates to the BitClave community about what we’re working on at BitClave.

We’ll continue to share news regularly, but instead of sending out weekly updates even when there is no news to post, we’ll instead share development updates whenever we have new features, product demos, and other accomplishments to tell you about. In this way, we’ll be sharing development updates as they happen and can communicate with our community in the best way to give you timely news and receive your timely feedback.

We encourage you to watch our Head of Blockchain Mark Shwartzman’s BASE demo that shows off some of the key capabilities that BitClave is building into BASE and Desearch.

We will also be sharing information on the BitClave Developer Program, our conference and events appearances, upcoming hackathons, press highlights, and team announcements.

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