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6 reasons to join / not join BitClout — Homepage View (Before Sign-Up)

While I’ve been on BitClout for over 100 days now, I still tell everyone I know, spend the time and money that you can afford to lose. It’s still a gamble, there are questions around it and while the biggest thing I’ve gained there is the friends that I have made (most of whom who will remain friends even if BitClout dies tomorrow), BitClout still has the potential if a few things go as per plan and a few course-corrections are adopted by the core team quickly to become the next big social media platform to replace or compete with the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Are you going to wait and watch along the sidelines or do you want to join the ride?

Why join BitClout?

  1. Make new friends both on BitClout and all the groups around it (Telegram, Discord, Whatsapp Groups and Clubhouse Rooms)
  2. Meet a talented bunch of artists and celebs who you might never meet in real life (I met actresses, talk-show hosts and a few star musicians too and they do know me now by first name)
  3. Meet like-minded creators (entrepreneurs, artists, bloggers, etc.) who might stir a long-lost passion within you
  4. Work as a developer / designer / product manager on what could be a breakthrough project in the social media space
  5. Make some money as well in the bargain too — Put in what you can into BitClout and if it turns out to be a breakthrough, you could be sitting on a fortune one day when 1$CLOUT = $10,000.
  6. If you invest in the right creators at the right times, you could also make a lot more $CLOUT along the way enabling you to have an even bigger fortune.

Why Stay away from BitClout?

  1. Too many scams — Where there is money and a lack of central monitoring and control, expect more than a few scams. The good thing is the community has worked together along with support from the core-developers and many of the issues have slowly been plugged.
  2. Too much money in a few people’s hands — As with any Crypto project, a bulk of the money is with a few early investors and they might not be doing enough with it to grow the platform and more importantly, the community of developers which will be critical to the platform’s success.
  3. Not a great UX — UX is still quite poor and does not lend itself to a great user experience. While there’s talk about a complete revamp of the UX, a completely new user-experience is something that a lot of users have been crying out for.
  4. Not decentralized (as yet) — A few aspects of the platform are not (yet) decentralized and while this too is a feature of many crypto projects, the core dev team publishing a roadmap of when the decentralization will happen would help build the trust within the community.
  5. Poor discovery of creators, content and NFTs — As we speak, the platform and the core node do not have a great discovery of creators, content and NFTs and this leads to many artists and celebs feeling disappointed and moving away from the platform (temporarily or sometimes even permanently).
  6. Not enough of a developer community or an active user-base as yet — It has still not gone viral or created a huge buzz. The NFTs did create a bit of a buzz, the 10$ offer has still not helped it take off. What is the missing link is what everyone’s trying to figure out?

Solutions for the Problems …

While it is easy to talk about the problems and walk away, some of us have stepped in to try and solve some of the problems — whether it is the scams, the scam artists copying without valid licenses / copyrights and fake profiles or even working on projects to solve problems like discovery and user-experience too. Hopefully, between the core developer team and the various projects that are working on solutions, BitClout might actually survive leading to many making a fortune on this platform.

What next?

Now that you’ve heard the pros and cons of BitClout, my recommendation is that you should still sign up. For what it’s worth, there’s even a 10$ sign-up available on offer for all sign-ups at this time once you verify your profile with a valid id. Sign up, check it out and follow me and DM me at randhir (on BitClout) as well if you have any questions.




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