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DeFi Product — NFT&TRX

  1. High probability of NFT price increase

NFT-TRX LP (NFT&TRX) DeFi — Mobile (APP)

  1. Download Tronlink from the App Store
  • Click on Create Account
  • Set Name — Set your wallet name
  • Set Password — Set your wallet password
  • Click on your wallet ID in the upper left corner
  • Memonic backup, private key backup
  1. Check TRX wallet deposit address
  • Click TRX
  • Click Receive
  • Click Copy Receiving Address
  • Click ‘+’
  • Click Nmae/ID
  • NFT + click — Check the deposit address for reference
  1. Enter LP Pools in the Tronlink app
  • Select Discover at the bottom
  • Click JustSwap
  • Click the three-line mark at the top right
  • Click LP Pools
  • Click Get NFT-TRX LP
  • Enter the number of Tron to be deposited in INPUT
  • Click Supply
  • Click CONTINUE
  • Click Confirm
  • After entering the password, click Done
  • Click Confirm supply
  • The NFT/TRX Defy combination is complete.
  • Click Select
  • Click MAX
  • Click CONTINUE



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