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Did you enter only the wallet address when sending? (Let’s learn about tags. feat. EOS, XRP, XLM)

Check out the tags listed on BITCLOVER🍀!

Let’s find out what it is!

Do you have a name other than tags?

Memo, Destination Tag

Let’s find a different name for each digital asset~!

EOS >>> Memo

XLM >>> Memo

XRP >>> Destination Tag (It is also used as DT for short.)

Which digital asset has the same UID and TAG?

Route : BITCLOVER Platform > Login > Fund > Deposits

EOS, XLM >>> Please check if the UID is a deposit memo~!

(You can check the UID in Account — Security Settings.)

What if you can’t remember if you wrote a tag correctly? Check the blockchain


②Deposit and Withdrawal Information

③Deposit address, Withdrawal address, Quantity




②Withdrawal address

③Place of deposit(You can check the deposit address by clicking the blue button)


⑤Destination Tag




③Deposit and Withdrawal Information(If you click it, you can check it 4 times.)

④from: Withdrawal address, to: Deposit address, amount

If you don’t write tags well!

Are there any exchanges that do not have tags for the digital assets above?

Also, BITCLOVER does not have tags, but other exchanges and wallets may have tags.

It is necessary to check the deposit and withdrawal details page.

I made a deposit after missing a tag!! >> Contact us directly through the 1:1 Contact Us button on the homepage~



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