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2 min readJan 3, 2022


Jan. 04. 2022 [DRC Mobility (DRC)] Bitclover (USDT) market to be listed.

▶️What is ?

DRC Mobility is an incentive-based mobility integration platform that applies blockchain technology to the automobile industry. It uses DRC tokens to include car rental, car sharing, used car purchase, maintenance, car care, surrogate driving, electric vehicle charging, and car advertisement platform service.

We will create a new mobility ecosystem with an integrated utility token that is linked to
the real economy based on an incentive system between virtual users.

Users participating in the ecosystem can utilize DRC tokens to use various services in
exchange for DRCP (DRC points) with an exchange ratio of 1:1. All transactions transparently provide recorded and held data on the blockchain, provide retention rewards, users earn rewards and managed DRC tokens on the platform, participate in incentive programs, and receive special events and services by rank according to the amount of deposit. provide. can be provided.

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[DRC Mobility (DRC)] Project official channel

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