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NEW Listing (EIX)

Feb. 03. 2022 [EntroBeam (EIX)] Bitclover (USDT) market to be listed.

▶️What is ?

EntroBeam is a blockchain project that generates an indispensable Entropy in computer science. Citing NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) 800–90A, “The entropy source produces random bitstrings to be used by an RBG.” (Random Bits Generator, RNG: Random Number Generator). Entropy is used as the source of the RGB, which is the cornerstone of Digital Signature, Public-key Encryption, and Key-establishment — moreover applies to sampling and modeling of probability distributions, what essential for data analysis and machine learning.
EntroBeam adds new value to the blockchain by creating an unpredictable and unbiased entropy by shuffling 256-bit hexadecimal strings between multiple end-users. Global entropy network to bring next-generation cybersecurity and data science value to the world is what EntroBeam is all about.

*Asset Introduction: Link

[EntroBeam (EIX)] Project official channel
Web Site: Link
Explorer: Link
Twitter: Link




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