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NFT basic instructions.

Recently, interest in NFTs is growing.
When you hear the news that digital assets are bought and sold through NFT auctions to make a big profit, you may be curious.

I know about NFT, but it’s true that it doesn’t really touch me.
There will be many people who want to make a purchase because their interest in cryptocurrency has started, or they know what NFT is, but are really worried about what to do with this technology.
Let’s find out what kind of cryptocurrency you should buy, how you can use your assets, and what perspective you should be interested in NFTs in the future.

What is NFT?

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) can be divided into FT (Fungible Tokens) in the opposite meaning.

For example, the value of one dollar I have now does not change even if it is exchanged for the same one dollar.
However, what about ID or passport?
Although they are made in the same format, they are not interchangeable because each contains unique information. This is the technology of NFT.
With this technology, the creations of creators such as numerous musicians, writers, and programmers can be freed in the digital world of Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V.

Why does NFT trading happen?

Along with Bitcoin, NFTs are a technology that has always existed. However, it has been underestimated due to the craze of Bitcoin.

However, due to COVID-19, our society has undergone rapid digitization, and as a result, NFT technology is rapidly rising.
NFTs are scarce and valuable.
We value things that are limited and meaningful.
Water and air are essential, but are not appreciated by everyone. How about diamonds? Or what about gold?
As such, rarity comes to us with great value.
Interest in NFTs grew even more after hearing the news that Elon Musk’s lover, singer Grimes, sold 10 NFT paintings for $580.

Do You have a creation that can incorporate NFT?

You create and share a lot of content through games or social media, and you may even be trading digitally.
If so, is all the content you have safe even if the platform you are using disappears?
Can I watch it again, share it, and sell it at any time?
Not like that.

All will disappear like dust.
However, NFT technology gives you unique information and characteristics that you can keep as your asset.
Ownership belongs to me, and even if a transaction is made, unique information is always preserved.

NFTs around us


-Publishing pictorials or sound sources of K-pop star BTS as NFT
-Canadian pop star The Weeknd sells digital music and artwork through NFT
-US panstar Katy Ferra plans to publish content related to the year-end concert in 2021 as NFT
-American singer John Legend performs at Wave, a performance platform made with the game production platform Unity.


-Transaction of digital content created in Metaverse with NFT
- As the number of NFT-supported games increases, the fishing game Wemade Tree is preparing and the aquarium game will be linked together.
-In Metaverse, various events and contents such as entrance ceremonies and contract ceremonies are published as NFTs.


-Released Exi Infinity, the first game that generates revenue based on virtual assets among NFT games
-Character NFT sales of Crypto Kitty Dragon, a cat collecting game
trading platform
- Due to the recent increase in interest in NFT, NFT exchanges were launched in virtual asset exchanges, blockchain specialized companies, and Internet media platform companies.


-NFTfi: P2P-type collateralized loans and financial services using Ethereum-based smart contracts
-NFT mortgage loan

In addition, NFT technology grafting of unique information on real estate or unique assets such as medical information and automobiles is developing.

Prospects for NFT can be divided into negative or optimistic views.
However, the important fact is that NFT technology is essential, not an option, as rapid digitization progresses in the future.



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