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Binance Launches your VISA Crypto Card

With the Visa Binance card, you can use the cryptomaches that are in your Binance account to spend them and perform transactions at over 60 million locations worldwide, wherever Visa is accepted.

The exchange of cryptomedas Binance revealed its long-awaited Visa crypto card to its users in the European Economic Area (EEA). The debut of the Binance card brands for Changpeng Zhao — led the company to the beginning of a new era of providing enhanced value-added services to its customers at all levels.

As noted by the company, Binance cards are currently available in the form of virtual cards with plans to begin distributing physical cards in the coming months. The Binance Visa card represents one of the company’s many programs to continue its aggressive market invasion.

Visa Binance Card: benefits and advantages for clients

As the company announced, the launch of the Binance Visa cards is celebrated with the offer of the highest cashback rate of around 7%, no doubt higher than that found anywhere in the world. The Visa Binance cards come with a zero service charge, zero transaction fee and no subscription fee. With crypto cards, users can hold funds and spend anywhere and at any time that suits them.

With the Visa Binance card, you can use the cryptoactives in your Binance account to spend and perform transactions at over 60 million locations worldwide, wherever Visa is accepted. In addition, you can now link your Binance card virtually to Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

According to Binance, Visa cards work just like traditional debit cards, except for the currency of domiciliation which, in this case, are the cryptomoedas. The card is powered by Swipe and is linked to a card wallet inside the user’s Binance account, which can be replenished with the funds stored in the user’s Spot wallet.

“When you spend using your Binance Visa card, it automatically converts your crypto to your local currency, allowing you to spend at 60 million locations worldwide on an ongoing basis. What makes this possible is Swipe’s technology, which drives conversion and creates a frictionless user experience for online and offline merchants,” detailed Binance in his official announcement.

7% cashback/ refund incentive

Shopping with Visa Binance cards helps customers get a reasonable refund at Binance Coin (BNB). To qualify for the refund incentive, customers only need to keep an average amount of BNB on their Binance accounts within a 30-day period. The amount of cashback each client receives will depend on the amount maintained.

While customers who have about 10 BNB in their accounts can have a chargeback of about 2 percent, those with 50 BNB can benefit from a chargeback of up to 3 percent. The percentage of chargebacks increases by a factor of 1 for customers who have 200, 500, 2,000 and 6,000 BNB, respectively. While understanding that customer capacity differs, the exchange made a reasonable concession to customers with less than 10 BNB in their accounts to benefit from a 1% refund. In this way, everyone can benefit from the Visa Binance crypto card offer.

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