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Ransomware hackers hunt Bitcoin through Call of Duty: Warzone

Ransomware hackers have invaded the accounts of Call of Duty: Warzone players and demanded Bitcoin payments in exchange for the release of the retained data.

With the growing popularity of Call of Duty, hackers have also been attracted to it, due to the considerable profit that could be obtained from the sale of rare weapon skins found in players’ accounts. The first-person shooter game seems to have hundreds of dollars blocked, with serious players devoting a lot of time to unlock new levels, especially due to the pandemic. More elaborate skins also take longer for players to win and unlock and can be bought with in-game tokens, which can be bought with fiat. Therefore, expert level accounts have been of interest to ransomware hackers, because the items purchased and the account itself have a lot of value.

Although several players have reported that their account has been violated, it has been reported that the publisher, Activision, has not responded to the cries for help. The theft of credentials and the violation of data caused a lot of frenzy among players in the war zone. One player revealed that hackers tried to extort bitcoins from him by contacting him via email. Along with a linked Bitcoin wallet address (BTC), the ransomware note said :

“If you want our help to prevent leakage of details, information and bank account, etc., and help recover your account, you need to pay $400 at the address below.”

The Bitcoin portfolio address was reported to collect funds of at least $12,000, which translates into a total of 1.2 BTC . Some of the transactions recorded amounts ranging from $20 to $2,600, but it has not yet been discovered whether the funds were transfers originating from Warzone players.

The victims speculated that the ransomware hackers were able to steal private login credentials by trying previously compromised passwords from other sites. Others said that their Blizzard account was targeted instead, which was linked to Call of Duty: Warzone one. Despite the big call for help, several targeted players complained that the game publisher, Activision, did not respond by helping them recover their compromised accounts.

Call of Duty: Warzone has grown a lot since its launch in March, registering at least 75 million players five months after its launch. The producer, Activision Blizzard, has seen an increase in digital spending of about $1.59 billion since the game’s launch.

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Evaristo Mulonde

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