Empowering Developers To Change The World With Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is one of the most profound technological innovations of our lifetimes. It has the potential to democratize money in the way the Web democratized information. This could have a massive impact on lives all over the world. Bitcoin.com is a company at the heart of the Bitcoin Cash movement. As a highly technical company which moves at velocity we’re launching a technical blog to offer insight in to the way we work.

The mission statement of the Developer Platform is to empower developers to change the world with Bitcoin Cash. We believe that by giving developers the knowledge and tooling they need to build the next generation of applications we can best showcase to the world the strengths that will make Bitcoin Cash as meaningful as the Web and beyond.

The Present

Our developer platform has a knowledge base to take you from hobbyist to professional step-by-step as well as a fully featured platform for developing apps 10x faster than the competition.

On the knowledge side Mastering Bitcoin Cash is the master level course on Bitcoin Cash and the Blockchain. Our tutorials section goes in depth on different APIs we offer and the Insights section is posts from developers which have built successful projects with BITBOX.

For actually creating apps we offer BITBOX SDK which is a fully featured JS framework w/ mnemonics, HDNodes, Transactions and much more. Our GUI is a developer wallet and single click blockchain. REST makes the Bitcoin Cash RPC available over HTTP to any language or platform. Wormhole SDK is a huge leap forward offering tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

The Future

Our roadmap is aggressive and innovative. We hope to offer the best-in-class suite of tools for Bitcoin Cash developers around the world. We’re working on a Cloud which will let you deploy and scale your apps on demand and a Marketplace so you can monetize your hard work. If you’re creating apps for Bitcoin Cash, the goal is our services will be somewhere in your workflow.

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