Important Strategies to Increase the Chances of Winning in Bitcoin Dice Game

Amongst the various online Bitcoin games available, the Bitcoin Dice game is regarded as the most rewarding form of crypto casino games, with straightforward rules that the players can easily get along with. The record win for this Bitcoin dice game was in 2016 when 250 Bitcoins were won in a single roll of the dice.

However, there are some master strategies that the players need to adapt themselves with, to win the game mightily. The strategies are the same as traditional dice games (except the fact that the betting is primarily based on blockchain) with the same probability of dice rolls as in the traditional dice game. The strategies primarily focus on the staking plans of the players, whether they will bet on the high or the low of the dice rolls. To follow the strategies perfectly, the players need to understand the game first. In a Bitcoin dice game, the players first need to choose a number between 1 and 100 and place the bet whether the dice roll above or below that number. The higher the potential payout of the bet, the lower is the chance of correctly predicting the dice roll.

This article elaborates on the details of some of the important strategies that the players may implement while playing the Bitcoin dice game and contesting their fate in the game.

Martingale Strategy

This is an age-old strategy of the 18th century that was propounded in France but went very well with the modern casino games. This strategy requires the players to double their bet until the winning bet after each loss. Once he wins, he will get back all the coins invested until the win, along with a profit equal to the original stake. After each win, the player needs to start a new betting cycle by placing the initial bet once more. However, this strategy has its own negative and positive traits. On its positive side, it has some simple rules to follow that do not take a toll on the players. There are no hard and fast rules on the number of coins that the players want to wager upon. For a short-term profit, this is the ideal strategy that the players should follow.

From the negative perspective, contrary to the benefits that the strategy provides with the liberty to choose the number of coins, this number of coins only sets the limits to the players that they cannot double their bet to ensure their win. Therefore, it is advisable when implementing this strategy in your game plans is not to bet more than what you cannot afford to lose.

The break-even Martingale strategy is similar to the original Martingale strategy, with only difference in the staking process that slows down the rate of the stake increments. Another one is the inverse Martingale strategy, which as the name suggests, is exactly opposite to the Martingale strategy. Here, instead of increasing their stake size when on a losing streak, the players increase their stake size when on a winning streak.

D’Alembert Strategy

This strategy is a more cautious one as it includes raising the bet each time the player loses and likewise, lowering it every time the player wins a Bitcoin dice roll. However, the chances of recouping the losses with one winning hand would depend on the number of rolls the player had before he won. This strategy also has its fair share of plus and minuses. On the plus side, it is less risky than the Martingale strategy and follows a more structured system of betting that can be implemented in the game. On the negative side, it has a low probability for the players to win back all their losses in just a single round and therefore recouping all the losses at once becomes impossible for the players most of the time.

The Paroli Strategy

In this strategy, the player begins the game by betting an amount of his own choice. If that bet wins, he can double his bet in the next rolls until he incurs a loss. But, in case he continues to be in a winning streak and has already won big, he will have to temper his bet in that case. This strategy is safer than the above two strategies because this strategy focuses on the lucky wins. The negative sides of this strategy lie on the fact that to see the substantial returns, the players need to be on the winning streaks and winning streaks hardly last long.

Some important tips to follow

  • Always stick to provably fair websites to ensure whether the games played are fair or not.
  • Stop immediately at the point when you know that you can no longer afford to lose. Have control over yourself and set your own budget before you begin to play and stop immediately when you have had enough of your winnings. Control your greed because nonstop betting increases the chances of losing and may snatch away all the fortunes that you have earned.

Bitcoin dice games are fun to play, but players should play responsibly as they play other wager games. The above-mentioned tips and strategies can only enhance your chances of winning, but it cannot guarantee your win in any way whatsoever.

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