Bitcoin over $13k and back to $11k, Facebook launches Libra.

Yan Pritzker
Jul 7 · 3 min read

Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundations is one of the best “impact” speakers in Bitcoin. In this podcast, he nails why Bitcoin is a freedom currency.

A new proposal for a layer 2 protocol

One of my favorite Bitcoin philosophers, Gigi with a site of lessons from studying Bitcoin. An absolute must.

Not strictly Bitcoin related, but the state of surveillance states is not looking good in 2019. A daily reminder that we constantly give up freedom for safety and convenience.

A gentle reminder for those who run exchanges like they’re casinos: every game (coin) you support has immense support costs. Here’s an example of a low liquidity coin that nobody cares about causing major trouble. Think twice before adding coins.

The new CoinShares report is out, estimating that 74% of all Bitcoin mining is done using renewable energy. Just like we‘ve been saying it would, because it’s completely obvious from analyzing how mining difficulty adjustments work — either you are on the cheapest possible energy, or you are out of business. If you’re not sure what that means, grab my book at

The largest ever CoinJoin with 100 participants took place. This is a technique for mixing coins and improving privacy. Exciting to see innovation in this space.

Countries around the world are going cashless. This is happening whether you like it or not. However, there’s a lot of unpleasant stuff that happens when you give up cash. Here’s an example.

If you held 1% bitcoin and 99% cash, you outperform the S&P both on returns and risk. Of course Bitcoin has had a rocketship of a ride over the last 6 years. But still an interesting analysis.

Bitcoin isn’t a democracy.

Governments continue to innovate on ways to print more currency when their actual printing press is taken away.

The long awaited launch of Bakkt is set to take place on July 22. Why am I excited about financial products on Bitcoin? It’s not because I’m a wall street trader, but because these products help improve the liquidity of Bitcoin, and thus are good for everyone.

Keeping a close eye on Hong Kong and China. Free speech exists because cash exists. Take away the right to financial privacy, and you lose the right to free speech. This is scary, and the world China wants.

Now we get to the biggest noise of the month. Facebook unveils Libra, a “cryptocurrency” that will be administered by an association of companies with a $10m buy in, and pegged to a basket of currencies. This will be interesting.

Lightning Labs released an alpha of their mainnet wallets. One of the nicer wallets in the space, UX-wise!

Nic Carter delivers a very insightful analysis of the tradeoffs Bitcoin makes.

We’re definitely not on the precipice of recession.

Congress doesn’t like what Facebook is trying to do by issuing its own currency. Same with a few world governments. Hearings scheduled for July.

A technical analysis of the Facebook coin.

Bitcoin ATMs continue to slowly grow at mainstream stores.

Bitcoin broke $10k again. It would later go to over $13k in June.

A gentle reminder that network effects matter.

I released my book, Inventing Bitcoin, on Amazon in paperback!

The CFTC approved physically-settled bitcoin futures trading at LedgerX.

“Bitcoin cashback” startup Lolli continues expansion with partnership. Install their Chrome extension and earn Bitcoin back when you shop.

A mosque in Iran, which gets free energy, was found mining Bitcoin. Energy subsidies are a form of central planning and lead to poorly managed economies. Bitcoin is the best energy subsidy!

Lightning Labs released Loop In which allows people to send on chain funds into lightning channels. A nice step in the usability ladder of Lightning Network.

Good reminder to step outside the “first world bubble”:

That’s all folks!

Bitcoin, not Blockchain

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Bitcoin, not Blockchain

Hype Free Bitcoin Knowledge

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