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Ian Simpson
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3 min readJul 7, 2020


By following the steps below, you will be able to claim DOT and/or KSM directly to your Bitcoin Suisse account. Once claimed to your Bitcoin Suisse account, it is possible to further take advantage of all the services that we offer (staking included) at Bitcoin Suisse. Please note that the minimum amount which you can claim is 500 DOT/KSM.

1) If you are not already a Bitcoin Suisse client, please register for an account here

2) Once registered, please write an e-mail to your account manager at the following e-mail address:

In the e-mail, please specify:

  • Which Ethereum address you originally got your DOT ERC20 placeholder tokens allocated to
  • Whether you wish to claim DOT, KSM or both

3) You will receive a mail back from your account manager containing a unique and dedicated message which you will have to cryptographically sign with the private key corresponding to your Ethereum address mentioned in step 2.

Note: if you wish to claim both DOT and KSM you will receive 2 unique messages.

4) Signing the message with your Ethereum key

To sign the message, please download the MyCrypto wallet tool

5) In MyCrypto select “Sign & Verify Message”

6) After you select how you would like to access your wallet/Ethereum key, paste the message you received from your account manager into the “Message” field and click “Sign Message”

7) Mark and copy the entire text result from the “Signature” field. Include this entire text result in a mail back to your account manager. Note, if you wish to claim both DOT and KSM, repeat step 6–7 for the other unique message you received.

8) Once you have sent the details to your account manager, sit back and relax while we finalize the last steps for you. You will be notified once your DOT and/or KSM claim(s) have been credited to your account.

9) Once credited, you are all set to take advantage of the Bitcoin Suisse services related to DOT and KSM, such as staking — enabling you to passively grow your portfolio with staking rewards.

Want to learn more about Bitcoin Suisse staking services? We are happy to share here!



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