Time stamped chatlogs: Why Jihan and Jiang want to block segwit at all cost.

*edit* I changed the title from Verified to Time stamped, what I obviously meant was that the timestamp of back in December 2016 was verified. *edit*

I won’t write a full article, will just let the chatlogs speak for itself.

The following Bitcoin blockchain time stamped chatlog is between Chinese miners and a Litecoin developer discussing activating Segwit on Litecoin.

These are chatlogs from November/December 2016, we know that now they are signaling Segwit on Litecoin but for some reason still oppose it on Bitcoin.


  • Jihan: Antpool (LTC+BTC mining pool) + Bitmain (mining equipment for LTC and BTC)
  • Jiang: LTC.top, LTC1BTC and BTC.top (LTC + BTC mining pools)
  • Xinxi: LTC developer