Bite My Kitchen

This is the last major planned project I have planned to launch in 2017. Like I mentioned last year, 2016 for me was more planning than anything else and as I said at the start of this year — my plans for 2017 are big.

So Far…

So far this year I have resolved critical issues over at the Mark Dalton Media website with a full redesign that eliminates a massive range of old issues we encountered on the back end of the site and puts a new look in place.

Then we launched an NFL website called In The Red Zone which has had fantastic success so far and the numbers are over what I had projected in the early weeks after launch. The site has been a good hit and the content is flowing well.

This project is somewhat different and it comes from another passion I have which so many people around the world share — food and drink. Unlike other projects, this is not being hosted on my own servers and instead is being hosted through Medium which I am really excited about.

Bite My Kitchen

With the recent launch of Series on Medium, the timing couldn’t be better and I can see a whole range of ways that Series will fit in with the type of content I want to create.

Bite My Kitchen will have content based off food reviews when eating out as well as home cooking. I’m a big foodie and a pretty decent cook, but I have had my struggles with food, I’m a big man :) Now with a change in what I eat and how I eat, what better time to document it!

The aim will be to have at least one update here per week (hopefully more but I’m not sure how the content schedule will work out yet) and to also have multiple updates over on Instagram, if you like those foodie shots on Instagram then you need to hit us up over there.

You can follow Bite My Kitchen on Instagram at the link below.

Simple food & alcohol that looks and tastes great

The bottom line of the kind of content I want to create here is food that looks awesome, tastes phenomenal and that people can relate too. Sure, if we get invited to tasted and review fancy food you will see it here but the real beefy content I want to get into is foodie content we can all relate to. Sometimes healthy and clean, sometimes not so healthy!

With regard to alcohol, same principle applies. Be it a great wine to go with a steak or a perfect beer to accompany an epic hamburger. There will be lots of food and alcohol reviews, craft beers or wines…I want to cover a range of different foodie content both here and on Instagram.

Part of the Mark Dalton Media network

Bite My Kitchen is also part of the Mark Dalton Media network. I am excited as ever to see where this project leads, as I mentioned at the start this is the last big project planned for 2017. There are more ideas in the works but whether or not they will be for this year is still to be seen.

Thanks as always, follow us on Instagram and keep an eye out here for more.