How Can We Help YOU?

We work with publishers to deliver dynamic content to their audience. Newsletters haven’t changed since their inception. Let us help you liven up the conversation with fun GIFs, video and continuous dialogue!

Here’s how it works for publishers:

Step One: go to

You will be prompted to Log in and authenticate via Facebook

Step Two: Link for subscribers

You’re In! Grab the https link, that’s what you will send to others so they can subscribe.

Step Three: Creating A Bite

Hit “New Bite” to start pushing out your content!

Step Four: Adding Media/Content

Simply add in the Image or Video URL and then hit Add!

Step 5: Once you’ve scheduled, this Bite will be delivered to your followers directly to their device via Facebook Messenger:

How it Looks In Lock Screen:

How It Looks Within Messenger:

Users can now Comment, Follow Individual Commenters, Respond with Animated GIFs/Emojis and Check out The Newest Comments/Latest Bites!

You’re all set to get started!

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