What Are Bites?

Bites are comprised of a piece of media and text. The media can take several formats. It can be an image, animated gif, or video. We combine this media with thin layers of content that kickstart a conversation or invite audiences to participate.

Here are some basic guidelines for crafting Bites, and the do’s and don’ts for publishing:

Do pay attention to quality. Use colorful images, gifs or video with high resolution to make your messages stand out.

Don’t put large amounts of text in your images, gif or video. If you have a lot to communicate, use the text bubble instead.

Do keep it short. Consider screen size and scrolling behavior; compact messages are easier for people to follow. Also, using emojis helps show your personality more than text.

Don’t send too many push notifications. If people get overwhelmed by excessive notifications they may ignore the conversation entirely or block your activity.

Keep It Consistent

Opting into a Bites experience is a commitment to receive your content at some frequency, often times, daily. As a result, whether you’re starting or continuing a conversation, be mindful of timing. Your goal should always be, to send content consistently.

Sending Bites at a different time on Tuesday and Wednesday than was sent on Monday can create an intrusive and negative experience. You want to pick a time a consistently deliver content so your audience can build a convention around receiving your Bites.

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