The New Bitfinex App is Here!

Trade on the go with the new Bitfinex mobile app

Brent Kirkland
Oct 30, 2018 · 3 min read

A newly updated Bitfinex app is here for traders and we are excited to let you try it. We have fully rewritten the existing Bitfinex app to support the latest iOS and Android native features, as well as mimic a similar experience as our website.

Traders can expect a fast and snappy experience with similar functionality as our website.

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New Features

Our main goal with this new app update was to tailor the experience for ‘on-the-go’ traders. We want people to be able to quickly pull out their phones and understand their current progress in one glance.

We created two landing pages, one for trading and one for funding. On each page, favorites and the page’s respective unfiltered widgets are shown. For each page, the user may customize which widget is shown.

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For example, a user may not be a margin trader, so the positions widget is unnecessary. He or she can go into the settings and turn off positions for that page. Now Favorites, Orders, and Order History widgets would only be shown.

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The Bitfinex website is table oriented — lots of columns that spread wide across your screen. This wide user experience is not native friendly given the vertical aspect of phones. To counter this, we now consider your phone size and calculate all the columns into a horizontal scroll view. So whether your phone is vertical or horizontal, or you have iPhone 5 or iPad, you will never see columns bunching up.

If you do not want to scroll to see each column, users can rotate their phone or touch a desired row. When touching a row, users will see all the column data as well as additional widget specific buttons.

  • If you have multiple phones, or maybe an additional tablet, your settings will persist across all your devices.
  • iPhone X and other phones with “notches” are now supported.
  • Users can now expect a more tablet friendly experience.
  • Users can now unlock the app with their fingerprint or face.
  • Default Bitfinex blue, white, and black (great for all OLED users) are now available.
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All features from the old app carry over to this new app, so don’t worry about missing features.

Future Plans

We have many plans, but what matters most to us is what you want. Please feel free to reach out to us on Telegram if you’d like to make a suggestion. Here are the plans that are on our minds:

  • Ethfinex and EOSfinex versions.
  • More UI customization such as column priority and widget priority.
  • Customized notifications to be able to set which push notifications you would like to receive.
  • Different price alert types such as price delta.
  • Scaled orders and other algorithmic order types.
  • Honey Framework integration.

Beta Signup

To make sure that the app works nicely across all phones and operating systems before publicly releasing, we would like to offer a quick beta.

Please use the Google form below if you’d like to participate!


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