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Bitfinex & Ethfinex Launch IEO Platform — Tokinex

Today we are proud to expand our innovative and diverse portfolio with the launch of Tokinex, our Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform.

Tokinex allows qualified users to discover and participate in carefully curated, pre-vetted token sales from new and exciting projects in the crypto space.

Learning from common points of friction in the space, the platform has undergone significant testing to ensure ease and reliability of user experience. Qualified users simply complete KYC for each sale using the Blockpass mobile app and then contribute their funds from their personal exchange wallet when the sale opens.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Access to pre-vetted token projects on transparent and equitable terms.
  • Ability to contribute the assets they already hold directly from their own exchange wallets and to receive the tokens back into that same wallet, ready for frictionless secondary market trading.
  • Complete confidence that their identity data is secure; Tokinex uses the Blockpass KYC service and does not store personal data after the token sale ends.
  • Assurance that all projects go through several layers of technical and commercial due diligence from one of the industry’s most successful exchange teams
  • Comprehensive research reports provided by independent third parties.

Benefits to Token Projects

Unlike on other exchanges, qualifying projects are only charged a fee if their sale is successful, and projects that successfully raise capital on the platform are subsequently provided with a dual exchange listing, exposing the token to one of the largest pools of liquidity in crypto.

How to Participate

The first token sale on Tokinex will be announced on the 23rd May, with qualifying customers able to start verification via the BlockPass app the same day. U.S. persons and persons from other restricted jurisdictions are not permitted to participate in Tokinex.

The first token sale will take place at 13:00 GMT+1 on the 13th June.

What it means to be an exchange has evolved to become an entire ecosystem, not just limited to the remit of trading digital assets. We are proud to finally launch Tokinex and bring the opportunity for participation in quality token sales in a fair environment.

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