Bitfinex Integrates Santiment to Deliver On-Chain, Social & Development Data to Traders

In an industry-first, traders now have access to Santiment on-chain, social and development data directly from within the Bitfinex platform, allowing them to discover new project insights and enrich their trading strategies with a broad range of fundamental feeds and indicators.

Powered by the SAN token, the Santiment team is building market data infrastructure for cryptocurrency and blockchain assets. Santiment provides reliable and clean data feeds, exclusive content streams and meaningful signals for their 1000+ supported cryptocurrency projects.

In practice, Bitfinex users will now be able to easily access an array of free insights and metrics, directly from within the UI and API. Premium metrics can also be bought, using SAN tokens, directly from within the exchange interface.

Free Metrics

  • General Project Info — Market cap, circulating & total supply, ROI since ICO and more.
  • Financial — treasury balances & wallet addresses.
  • Social — Social volume over time & word cloud.
  • Community insights — Articles, analysis and research curated by the Santiment team and trusted community members.
  • Daily snapshot of active addresses on the network.
  • Monthly snapshot of the project’s development activity.

Premium Metrics

Santiment have built an array of proprietary historical & real-time indicators over the past two years. An initial set of these indicators have now been made available for Bitfinex & Ethfinex users for a small SAN token subscription:

  • MVRV (Market Value - Realised Value) — The relation of a coin’s total market cap and its ‘realised cap’. This also includes industry-first MVRV ratio for ETH and ERC-20 tokens, custom built by Santiment, available for all ERC20 tokens.
  • Network activity — daily active addresses and network growth.
  • On-chain transaction volume & Token Age Consumed.
  • Token circulation and token velocity.
  • Exchange Flow Balance — the combined value of tokens flowing in & out of exchange wallets.
  • Daily active deposits — the combined number of unique deposit addresses that are participating in exchange deposits.
  • Relative social dominance — the percentage share of mentions on crypto social media as part of a wider pool of 50+ of the most discussed projects.
  • Developer activity on GitHub.

Daily snapshots of some of the above metrics are available to Bitfinex & Ethfinex users for free.

To get started with the Santiment analysis tools, visit Bitfinex and navigate to a token of your choice. Within the price ticker, press the Santiment logo to view metrics for the token.

Our work with Santiment comes as a natural continuation of our commitment to transparency, education and open-source development within the cryptocurrency space.

This integration closely follows the removal of our equity requirements, opening up our platform to traders around the world, and the unveiling of our optimised optimised support and verification frameworks.

We’ve removed our equity requirements to open our platform to everyone. Visit Bitfinex today to get started.

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