Bitfinex Reporting Framework — Update

A new reporting tool for optimized trading.

Ezequiel Wernicke
Jun 11, 2019 · 4 min read

There are many new exciting things taking place at Bitfinex, including new platform releases, mobile app updates and token launches [ 🦁].

To keep this trend going, we are pleased to present an improved reporting tool, useful both for beginners and experts navigating the digital currency trading space.

If you have additional feedback for how we can continue to improve our reporting tools, please reach out to or send a Pull request on our GitHub repositories.

New Reporting Developments at Bitfinex

1. Equivalent USD Balance

A key new feature is the display of USD equivalent values across all your assets. The calculation takes into consideration the daily close price on the trading pair/USD.

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Ledger with Amount expressed in USD

2. Average Win/Loss

A new section, labeled Average Win/Loss, displays the daily, weekly and monthly portfolio gains across a selected time frame. Values are represented in USD or fiat currency of choice.

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Example of Average Win/Loss section

The formula used takes into consideration equity, trades, funding earnings, funding costs, price movements, transactions, and fees; it does not take into account open margin positions.

3. Account Balance

A new section, labeled Account Balance, displays the daily, weekly or monthly account balances expressed in USD or other fiat currencies for the selected time frames.

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Example of Account Balance section

4. Wallet — Say goodbye to beta mode

The Wallet has now proven itself to be accurate across balance fluctuations and price movements. In line with this, we are happy to wave goodbye to the beta tag.

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Image for post
Example of the Wallet section

5. Currency Breakdown

This new section, labeled Concentration Risk, displays the currency breakdown of your portfolio, at a select moment in time, allowing you to view a visual breakdown of your trading wallet and the respective proportions of each asset.

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Example of the Concentration Risk section

Download Instructions

To use this new software there are two options.

Option 1: Download the framework for Windows/Mac/Linux from

Option 2: Download the NodeJs/ReactJs software from and follow the linked instructions on how to install it.

Once installed, create a set of read-only keys via Make note of them as they will be required for logging in.

Use both API and Secret Key to log in and wait till synchronization with the cloud is complete.

The first time might take a few minutes as your data; however, you can leave the software running on a second screen and do something else meanwhile.

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Future Plans

Below are a number of the plans for the reporting tool in 2019:

  • Export files digitally signed.
  • New subsite for the improved downloading of public data.
  • Improved sorting and filtering across tables.
  • Optimized framework for sharing data between users.
  • Mobile app integration.

Whilst we have many plans for our reporting tools moving forward, what matters most to us is developing a framework which fits the needs of our users. To assist us with this, please continue to reach out to for feedback.

Stay up to date with Bitfinex announcements on Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

We’ve recently open-sourced a number of the development libraries most essential to us. If you are interested in learning more about these, please visit our Github.

Join us on our mission to create the most innovative & industry-leading cryptocurrency exchange.


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