Making Crypto Accessible To All — Meet Wollo

On November 19th, Bitfinex will list Wollo (WLO), a unique token by one of the most innovative and refreshing projects geared toward mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and financial education.

This is a special moment for us because it’s the first Stellar token to be released on Bitfinex. This is a significant milestone in the Bitfinex roadmap, and in the Stellar roadmap too, following the IBM partnership and Chain acquisition.

Crypto and mass adoption

The capabilities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have evolved so fast, we are now in a position where mass adoption is possible. However there is currently a large gap between its potential, and the level of crypto literacy amongst the general public.

At Bitfinex we are passionate about providing education to help open up the world of crypto to everyone. We have deliberately built a community for developers, investing in open-source to share knowledge and collaborate.

But we realise to truly democratise the world of cryptocurrency, education must extend to the less technologically savvy, and especially to the next generation for who this is their future.

We need to build products that every mum, dad and grandparent can understand and engage with intuitively. We also need to replicate existing behaviour to recognise globalised families as important micro-financing family networks.

It’s for these reasons we like Stellar, a platform where communities like families can form micro-financing networks around a shared interest. And it’s for these reasons we like Pigzbe, the issuer of WLO. Their device and DApp is created specifically to teach children about 21st-century money, and WLO has been carefully designed to be family friendly.

The Pigzbe mission

We first learned of Pigzbe at the prestigious ICO-Race in Lugano, Switzerland, where they beat 180 different projects to first place, winning a listing on Bitfinex in the process.

Pigzbe’s ambition to reach over 400 million families globally and promote learning of cryptocurrency by evolving the time old tradition of pocket money has really impressed us. Their product is very considered and well designed, and we believe it will successfully help parents introduce their children to the world of crypto currencies and finance in general.

Educating children between the ages of 6 and 10 helps them form important lifelong saving and spending habits. A generation of children, alongside their families, growing up with WLO and normalising crypto something we applaud and are proud to be a part of.

What’s next?

The Wollo token listing is just the first step, marking the start of an ongoing collaboration with Pigzbe and Wollo. Specifically, Bitfinex’s API’s could be integrated to bring access to simple trading amongst smaller communities like schools, which Pigzbe access.

We look forward to welcoming Wollo to the Bitfinex platform on November 19th and helping Pigzbe drive adoption and family empowerment. We hope you will get behind it too.

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