New Tools for an Enhanced Reporting Framework

Bringing elegance in simplicity to a trader’s vocation

Ezequiel Wernicke
Sep 16 · 4 min read

Bitfinex has always believed that continual innovation is a key factor that makes us one of the leaders in the cryptocurrency space. This is why we are pleased to present some new tools and improvements added to the reporting tool framework that are useful for tax reports and for keeping track of the performance of a trader’s portfolio.

If you have additional feedback on how we can continue to improve our reporting tools, please reach out to or send a pull request to our GitHub repositories.

Account Snapshot

This new section enables a user to take a snapshot of an account at a certain moment (see image below):

1 — Positions snapshot: Captures all the positions opened, displaying the key information at that moment for each position.

As displayed on the image, the information shown includes the following: The amount, base price, price, p/l, p/l (USD), p/l %, funding cost, funding type and last update.

2 — Wallets Snapshots: Shows a snapshot of the Exchange, Margin and Funding wallets.

As shown on the image the information displayed consists of the currencies and balance for that exact moment.

3 — Tickers for snapshots: As shown in the previous images, amounts are also displayed in US dollar (USD). This section displays the tickers used to convert the amounts into the relative USD value.

Improved synchronization

Reports framework works by synchronizing the data of the user from Bitfinex to a local DB and then querying from that DB as explained in previous notes:

This synchronization process has been upgraded to be faster than version 0.7.0, letting a user keep track of progress while synchronization is taking place.

Other improvements

1 — Active positions and position snapshots have an extra field that is called META. This field shows extra information that is useful for the user.

2 — Account win and loss statements section takes into consideration the positions both for the beginning and end of the period.

3 — Convert all forex into USD equivalents.

4 — Add USD equivalent both for deposits and withdrawals.

5 — Include Forex in concentration risk charts.

6 — Add support for new pairs and derivatives.

Download Instructions

To use this new software there are two options.

Option 1: Download the framework for Windows/Mac/Linux from

Option 2: Download the NodeJs/ReactJs software from and follow the linked instructions on how to install it.

Once installed, create a set of read-only keys via Make note of them as they will be required for logging in.

Use both API and Secret Key to log in and wait till synchronization with the cloud is complete.

As to run framework on a network different that localhost, add to init the IP or URL as following:

./ -i XX.XX.XX.XX (being XX.XX.XX.XX the ip)
./ -u URL

Future Plans

There are a variety of enhancements in the pipeline for the reporting tool in 2019:

  • Generate a full tax report
  • Export files digitally signed
  • New sub site for improved downloading of public data
  • Improved sorting and filtering across tables
  • Optimized framework for sharing data between users
  • Mobile app integration (available very soon)
  • Hosted version of the report framework

While we have many plans for our reporting tools moving forward, what matters most to us is developing a framework that matches the needs of our users. To assist us, please reach out with feedback to

Stay up to date with Bitfinex announcements on Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

We’ve recently open-sourced a number of the development libraries most essential to us. If you are interested in learning more about these, please visit our Github.

Join us on our mission to create the most innovative and industry-leading cryptocurrency exchange.


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