Security Update

Calling attention to the rise in fraudulent Twitter activity

In recent weeks we have seen an increasing number of fraudulent schemes circulating on Twitter and other social media platforms. Our users should exercise extreme caution when interacting with any parties soliciting donations, promoting giveaways or promising returns, in any capacity.

When interacting with Bitfinex on Twitter, pay close attention to the ‘verified’ check next to our username. Additionally, double check that the name, username, and picture match that of the official Bitfinex account.

We are not currently conducting giveaways and we will never solicit funds for any reason. Additionally, the public should beware of actors and organisations collecting funds to defend against legal proceedings that do not exist.


  • The only Bitfinex account on Twitter is @Bitfinex.
  • On Twitter, look out for a verified badge next to the username.
  • Always make sure both name & username match the official account.
  • Be alert and cautious when interacting with any accounts promoting giveaways, soliciting donations or guaranteeing returns.

You can read up on our security features on our Knowledge Base.

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