bitfwd and DAOstack partnership announcement!

Ann Orehova
Jun 2, 2019 · 3 min read
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Hello awesome crypto community!! We’ve recently been diving deep into the rising DAO space and following increased activity of the bitfwd community members in the DAOstack ecosystem we’re thrilled to announce today our partnership with DAOstack! 💜🐨⏩👩🏻‍💻🌈

Daniel’s guide for “How to Onboard Yourself to a DAO” received great feedback across the ecosystem, check it out if you’re curious and want to start playing out with DAOs 🐝👩🏼‍🎨⛓🗳👨🏻‍🌾🧒🏽🙀🚀

As a part of the partnership, experimentation in DAOstack’s ecosystem will take place and and bitfwd has already started utilizing Alchemy as an educational example for DAOs and how the can solve important issues across #Blockathon events, community network formation and various use cases.

We’ve currently initiated a DAO #Blockathon workgroup, more progress will be shared soon 🔜🙀

Matan Field, CEO at DAOstack:

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Matan Field — Founder @ DAOstack

We’re very excited at DAOstack to partner with bitfwd, a true grassroots blockchain community of makers and shakers.

DAOstack and bitfwd are aligned in the mission to enhance collaboration and empower organic digital communities.

The bitfwd community is doing impressive work in supporting decentralized web projects and accelerating the development of the ecosystem through mobile and web interface products, community driven #Blockathons and deep academic research.

Daniel Bar, Chairman of bitfwd:

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Daniel Bar — Chairman @ bitfwd

DAOstack is doing fantastic work on DAO protocols research and implementation. Alchemy and the various products DAOstack developed are at such a level that it is mind blowing!

Mass consumer adoption of crypto will take place through social technologies, similar to the way social media took the previous generation of web products by storm. DAOstack’s Alchemy can very well become bigger than the social media platforms we are familiar with today.

The bitfwd community ventures network is looking fwd to support experimentation, research and development of DAOstack’s ecosystem and products. It’s already been great experience for the bitfwd team working with DAOstack’s amazing team and community!

Bitfwd is a grassroots community of cypherpunks, Blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, and crypto enthusiasts, who bring together resources, content and educational activities. Bitfwd makes Blockchain accessible to everyone!

DAOstack is a complete operating system for decentralized coordination, built on the Ethereum blockchain. DAOstack powers decentralized companies, funds and markets to make fast and innovative decisions at scale.

Learn More about bitfwd

Learn More about DAOstack:


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