Bitfwd joins ConsenSys BUIDL network

We’re glad to announce today that bitfwd joined the global #BUIDL community network supported by ConsenSys. the #BUIDL network connects and supports communities who are active in the Ethereum space.

Bitfwd Chairman Daniel Bar, Sydney #BUIDL Ambassador, says “The support ConsenSys gives to the Ethereum community globally is very important to grow grassroots localized communities and that’s what’s so special in the Ethereum space and in the decentralized web in general. I’m thrilled that bitfwd partnered with the ConsenSys BUIDL network and I’m looking fwd to work together and accelerate community driven ventures, #Blockathons and other creative initiatives that will come out of this partnership.”

Bitfwd is a grassroots community of cypherpunks, Blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, and crypto enthusiasts, who bring together resources, content and educational activities. Bitfwd makes Blockchain accessible to everyone!

ConsenSys is a global blockchain technology company building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world. They are building a more open, trustworthy, and accessible internet of value, known as Web 3.0. ConsenSys produces blockchain infrastructure, developer tools, core applications, and decentralized platforms to strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem.

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