NaturalDAO Releases Unprecedented Crypto Commemorative Token

Derek Zhou
May 1, 2020 · 2 min read

NaturalDAO is a DAO which aims to build the DAism( platform. DAism is a platform which helps and prompts development and growth of DAOs.

Buy 1 “Bitcoin” for 1 ETH — — An Everlasting Crypto Commemorative Token

In March 2020, the NaturalDAO team submitted an Ethereum smart contract standard EIP-2569. And on April 25 2020, the team released its first EIP-2569 based token: Forever Bitcoin.

Forever Bitcoin
Forever Bitcoin
Forever Bitcoin

For more details and the token’s animation effect please visit

Blockchainers with years’ experience should be able to recognize this style at very first glance. This used to be the style with which early bitcoin fans or geeks made physical commemorative “bitcoins”. We used this style to record Bitcoin on Ethereum forever in commemoration of Bitcoin. Although technically Ethereum already surpasses Bitcoin, Bitcoin has been immortalized in the blockchain history.

Besides the animation effect this token has a brief introduction to Bitcoin in both Chinese and English. But it takes effort to explore and this is a post credit scene we left for you.

After you buy this token you can sell it on OpenSea — the most popular crypto token market in the world. Here is an example:

You can trade this token in the following ways:

selling at your target price, auction and bundled selling.

Features of Crypto Commemorative Tokens by NaturalDAO

  1. Based on the innovative technology developed by NaturalDAO’s team. The team published its technical papers and submitted a prposal — — EIP-2569 to Ethereum.

NaturalDAO’s team will release more commemorative tokens, medals, certificates etc. The NaturalDAO project has big potentials and various applications real and solid. Its team has a grand vision and a big plan. Your help and assistance are greatly appreciated and welcome.


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